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mrs2010 Posts: 326
Ciara, i truly don't know how to put this so that it won't sound painfully patronising but I really wonder if the age gap has a part to play. It seems like you are making a lot of compromises (we all need to!) without getting that much back. To be honest the whole taxi by yourself thing doesn't register with me as an issue but the thing that does is that you appear to be funding both of you and making all of the compromises and in my experience a relationship that starts like that stays like that. You have all the time in the world to get married and settle down and again speaking only from experience (hard learned) maybe its better to work out this stuff pre-marriage cos it won't necessarily change afterward.
Babs Aug08 Posts: 828
Myself & DH have our own friends that the other wudnt really know (we'd know them, but wudnt socialise with them iykwim) We have mutual friends too. If ur H2B doesnt want to socialise with ur friends, then u go ahead & meet them/stay over. Maybe he will re-think his ways when he sees ur new independance/I dont care what u think attitude. He probably thinks u will always be there & go along with whatever he wants. U shud also sort out direct debits for any household bills. Thats crazy that u pay for everything while he drinks all his money & u sit at home broke - maddness :eek
Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Ciara, you poor thing. You sound just miserable. Im not being funny, but you say you love him... why? What about him do you love, or are you still in love with the person he "used to be"? Im going to be quite frank, from reading your posts he sounds like a selfish git. Relationships are supposed to make you happy. He is supposed to [b:3v7ff33o][i:3v7ff33o]want to make you happy....[/i:3v7ff33o][/b:3v7ff33o]
roma2011 Posts: 1208
I read your follow on from this first, and now have come across this thread. I'm sorry if this comes across as harsh, but it is crystal clear from your posts that this relationship is dysfunctional. Get away from him. This man doesn't love you - you are convenient for him. He is a sponging, abusive, controlling man with a raging temper, and you let him get away with it. You said in your other thread that he rang and tried to get you back and talked you round - why wouldn't he when you are facilitating a very handy lifestyle for him! You are so YOUNG. Don't waste your twenties on some domineering loser. Leave him and keep your cash for enjoying yourself. See your friends, go places, live life. I really think he is taking complete advantage of you. And if you don't leave him, then make changes - especially on the financial side of things because this guy is really taking the pee. By paying for everything you are facilitating him spending all day in the pub with his friends, and then you moan about it - why would you do that when it is within your power to change things? Be more independent, don't cling to him so much. Clingy isn't attractive or healthy. It's bull that you can only go places as a couple. The more you do things independently (it doesn't only have to be the pub), the more friends you will make and believe me the more good friends you have away from him then the better it is for you. Take care :thnk :thnk :thnk
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