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she Posts: 3298
[quote="mrs slightly bonkers":1ri29w8q]I dont think your ready for a relationship full stop. Stand back take some time for yourself. Someone is going to get hurt. I have a feeling it might be you. Ex is an ex for a reason.[/quote:1ri29w8q] i would have to agree.....if your finish with your partner dont get back with the need some time with your self instead of jumping into another relation ship and dont forget.......what your ex did on you really hurt you at the time......
Callalily Posts: 325
[quote="playbunny":3llqjxh1]to cut the story short my ex has been in my life the whole time at the start I cut him out of my life as he had hurt me, we never had a really solid realtionship,He hasn't gone out with anyone for the last two years apart from the odd one night stand, previous to this he went out with a girl for a year, not sure why the relationship finished.. now he wants me to get back with him or at least give him a chance this had been going on with the last two years and he still hasn't given up, I have often told him that I feel this is all wrong as I text him behind my H2b's back.. and I have met him on occasions maybe once every three months.. I have been with him before I got engaged.. he has told me he love's me. [/quote:3llqjxh1] A few things strike me about your ex. He's been single for the last 2 years. He's been chasing you for the last 2 years. But only really for the last 2 years, because he hasn't anyone else to distract him, and you're an easy target. Yes, easy. He knows you're interested, because you text him, you meet up with him, and the fact that you're in another relationship doesn't seem to stop you getting off with him. He hasn't given up because neither have you. When he pushes, you push back. He knows full well you want him and he's playing on that. Telling you he loves you? When he treated you like he did? It's easy said to someone when you're trying to get them into bed. I bet he never said it that much when you were together. And I bet he doesn't mean it either. And he will continue to manipulate you because you let him. Stop being a doormat to your ex. If you can't control yourself and be grown-up enough to stay loyal to your man of the last 5 years (who obviously knows something's up, more fool him for hoping you mean it when you tell him that you have made your choice) and not have your head turned by a bit of flattery from a suddenly-single ex who knows he can get what he wants, you're nowhere near ready to be married. I'm sorry to be harsh, but you can't pretend you didn't realise this already. Edit: Sorry, just looked again at the title to your post. You do realise it. Are you fooling yourself? Course you are! You know it too. and you feel like a real selfish b*tch because, well, you're acting like one. And you know THAT, too. You say you don't want to lose your bf but what are you doing to actively keep him? You're only hanging onto him in case he dumps you. You wouldn't agree to marry him until he said that that was it. I think your ex looks attractive now because you don't really want what you have. He's an easy way out too, it's nice having someone else lined up ready to take over and mop up the bits and not have to go from engaged to single in one fell swoop.