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scotswedding Posts: 2829
AB, I'm sure if I was in your position that I'd probably be every bit as annoyed as you are. But I still don't think it's your place to report them. It's frustrating to see someone in a relationship like that, I think perhaps moreso because many of us in Ireland aren't used to seeing our friends or family in muslim marriages. It is a different world and while it's beyond your (and indeed my) comprehension, the fact is that your SiL2B has made these decisions herself and it is up to her to live with them. It's sad that she has seemingly deserted her daughter for her man but 'love' or whatever you want to call it has made many a woman or man do much worse... Just let your in laws know your opinion without forcing it down their throats.
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
[quote="AB123":2h6zwj0d]Look at who's happy/unhappy with the situation; Happy - his 1st wife and 2 kids and the 2nd wife (h2b sister) are happy (all are now living in the one house). His religon is muslim and that's his beliefs. H2B sister converted after the marriage. Unhappy - H2B 10 year daughter who she left with granparents. No real father as bioglocial father wanted nothing to do with her. H2B parents who are in retirement age now have to raise the 10 year old even thou only one of them is fit(healthy) to do so. Her mum goes out to her twice a week. If h2b sister husband left her she's in no position financially to help herself - they have been renting for the past 7 years. Shes admitted to her father that husband has put on down as director on serveral companies which have failed to make profits over the past 3 years. She has no knowledge of these companies - she doesn't work she's the housewife to his two other kids![/quote:2h6zwj0d] The mother of the 10-year old child needs to get her priorities right. But would they be any different if she didn't have a polygamous arrangement? I don't see how or why. You say she would be in a weak financial position if her 'husband' left her. Why do you think her position would be strengthened if you essentially have him forcibly removed?
confetti is evil Posts: 5
Kite flying is Evil. Has this sinful situation been reported to the Gardai yet? I say [b:2eh12ma6]'boo'[/b:2eh12ma6] to kite flying!
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
[quote="confetti is evil":15uloymr]Kite flying is Evil. Has this sinful situation been reported to the Gardai yet? I say [b:15uloymr]'boo'[/b:15uloymr] to kite flying![/quote:15uloymr] Freak. Fcuk off and troll somewhere else.
confetti is evil Posts: 5
Your language is atrocious.
Delish Posts: 4176
I don't think it's your place to interfere, you and your partner could possibly go and talk to someone in social services/citizen's advice bureau/health board and get info. No need to give specific names or details but they may put you in touch with people that could help your sil. Maybe the grandparents should try to adopt the ten year old, the mother seems to have abandoned her. Anyway really it is your h2b's family's decision to act or not. if they want to and want help then just point them in the right direction, point your sil in the right direction, ie get some self esteem and control over her own life. It's up to them to decide whether they want to act or not.
confetti is evil Posts: 5
Society is in mortal danger unless this abomination is destroyed. The Baby Jesus and Allah are weeping. So is Mohammed the Bear.
architec Posts: 1306
This man is married to another woman. Is he married under English law? Is he married within his religion only, and has never registered the marriage? In that case, under Irish law, he is only married once - to your SIL2B. I don't think you should get involved. They're not your family, you don't know what's going on between your H2B's parents and this girl. They are entitled to treat her as they see fit. To call the gardai would have serious repercussions, and I suspect there is an element of wanting to see your SIL2B squirm rather than a sincere quest for 'justice and all that is right'. Sorry, but I suspect your motives are more malicious than righteous. In which case, stay out of it. Bad karma and all that...
Roma_ntic Posts: 245
Personally I wouldn't go reporting him, not when he's about to be your brother-in-law. Could yourself and your hubby-to-be help out with the 10 year old? Give her grand-parents a break and give the poor child a boost to know more people care about her and want her aound.
laceylegs Posts: 307
Well the whole thing is just Yuck! but you really need to mind your own business.