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just pm'd you
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Just pm'd you xx
ela28 Posts: 2552
Hi star,I have no experience of anything like what you're going through but had to reply I really hope you're ok,I wish you the best of luck with everything and hope you have a wonderful life single or married,I admire you so much for your strength at calling off your wedding when you did,must have been quite hard to do,a lot of girls would have just went ahead being that close to the wedding,which would have been the wrong thing to do,I hope you're feeling better lately and hope you have a future full of happiness and great times,you will meet the one who's meant for you when it's meant to be,until then enjoy yourself with your friends and have fun,best wishes to you hun for now and always :xox :wv
guber Posts: 376
In no way do i want to get morbid but wanted to give you a bit of background on my very best friend who went through the same thing: Was with her childhood sweetheart for 10yrs. Got engaged, She was having doubts about ten months before the wedding. Basically what she was feeling was - what if the grass was greener on the other side, all she had ever known was her h2b. All her other friends put it down to cold feet, i was honest with her from the start and told her - if she really didn't want to go ahead with it, it takes a bigger person to walk away than go through with it and 6 mths into the marriage, seperation. Now in no way was their relationship perfect, they had there ups and downs, my friend suffered with depression and that had a big impact on their relationship. Anyway, after a lot of soul searching as my friend put it and conversdations with her h2b, she went through with the marriage. 1 yr later and she committed suicide. In her letter, she wrote that she should not have got married, that everything had just gone to far for her to pull out, that she would have let everybody down and she felt under enormous pressure to go through with the marriage by her family and h2b. She felt she was living a lie. What i'm trying to say is, i wish my friend had the strenght of character to walk away like you did and who knows, maybe she would still be here today. I really to admire you for what you've done. Keep smiling xx