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Evieo Posts: 18
Hi, I was just looking for advice on where to start with counselling for stress. Has anyone here had it or does anyone know where to start. Thanks!
winter08bride Posts: 863
If your stress levels are unmanageable it is an indication that there is something deeper going on. I would advise you to find a qualified [u:2wxvgyyx][b:2wxvgyyx]psychotherapist[/b:2wxvgyyx][/u:2wxvgyyx] who will guide you thru unconscious issues and help you develop coping skills. Well done for reaching out for help - it is a real sign of strength :action32
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I've seen stress management clinics advertised at my GP's. Your GP probably isn't a bad place to start.
Evieo Posts: 18
I'm at the stage where I let things get to me too much. I always have but it's getting worse and before I ruin relationships and waste anymore of what anyone from the outside would see as a pretty good life I want to get help. Because it doesn't affect stuff like eating, sleeping and day to day things I was hesitant to go to my GP as it seems I'm over reacting but I know this is getting worse and as I want to have kids very soon I don't want the poor little thing coming out with a frown so I've been moved to act now. I think this is stress!
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
Hi There, Well done on starting the ball rolling on this. You've made the right decision. Either of the following websites should help you find someone in your area. [url:410v8wad][/url:410v8wad] [url:410v8wad][/url:410v8wad] However if you're in the Dublin or Mullingar area I can personally recommend the following: [url:410v8wad][/url:410v8wad] Best of luck with it all!
Evieo Posts: 18
Thanks winter bride. I googled a lot this morning and every number I rang either rang out or went to wouldn't want to be in a bad way!! Anyway I will try those sites and hopefully get a start on things. Thanks all.
nelly Posts: 1875
You say you have left it go on so long? I studied a bit on stress for college not long ago, so I think maybe you should identify what is stress factor that is having the negative effect on you - aspects of your job, aspects of your relationship, family communications etc etc and really think about what the problem is. Then look at how you have coped with it up until now - avoiding, playing it down, comparing with others (it could be worse etc), let it upset you to the point where your health has deteriorated, becoming frustrated and lashing out, becoming tearful and "cracking"... whatever... Then find more positive coping mechanisms - playing a sport or going to the gym to expel all the pent up frustration and adreneline, tackling the issue bit by bit piece by piece, leaning on your social network to vent (try not to do it with copious amounts of alkeehol), speaking with your manager in a proactive manner to sort out problems in work, leveling with your partner to tell them how you feel - their impact both positive and negative and finally taking things slowly and being kind to yourself. Sometimes the problem is deep down we know the stressor, we believe we can't do anything about it and just accept being unhappy. Then sometimes you can't change the stresser or eliminate it- like the job for example - if taking to your boss gets you nowhere and change ain't gonna happen you need to consider your own health and whether you need to move to a job more suited to you. Finally, a lot of research has associated "resilient" person with low levels of stress, which in lay mans terms is to be able to switch off from stress (not disengaging), know your worth, be able to calm your mind and live healthily (diet and exercise) and not be afraid to change or to try change things, to me it is to become more sure and content with yourself. Hope this helps. Try doing some of these things before forking out on a stress clinic of psychologist just yet.
nerja09 Posts: 77
Hi - from personal experience you can ring and ring a lot of these counselling places and they are often very busy / dont ring back for ages. I went to my GP and got a referrel which worked v well. I'd recommend counselling before things get any worse - its always better to be proactive rather than wait till you get more stressed. Best of luck!!
dreamer Posts: 3941
I would start with your GP. Most consellors now will only take referrals anyway!
winter08bride Posts: 863
There is absolutely no point going to your GP to get referred to a counsellor and be aware that if you do go thru ur GP it is on your medical record. There are 100's of counsellors/psychotherpists in the phonebook - just call one. You do not need a referral letter!!!!!