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2bmrskc Posts: 46
Deleted :)
Anne_K14 Posts: 55
I've never heard of this type of engagement before... myself and my oh talked about getting married but never viewed or planned anything until he actually proposed. I actually never talked wedding specifics until we were actually engaged to be married. i don't really know what my advice would be but maybe stop any wedding chat and if he asks why say well we're not actually engaged. See if that's enough of a hint. I think I would've been crestfallen if I had to ask for the engagement. He surprised me at our house one day and said some lovely words and presented me with a proposal ring then he had dinner booked for that night. It's a bit unfair to prevent you from having those happy memories as you're supposed to assume it's happening.
2bmrskc Posts: 46
Thanks Anne and your right,I can't have those little"EEK"moments with my friends as they haven't a clue,the only people I've told is immediate family,with literally a"say nothing just yet"attached,as well as that a family member has just gotten engaged so we didn't wanna be ruining their moment either.I just want to get the ball rolling as he is clueless to planning and all and hasn't a clue about booking years ahead for everything,,like ya cant just hope to turn up ,,lol. I suppose I just want"proof" that its really going to happen,,, Cheers :)