Do I need to hire a wedding planner or organizer?

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ekielez32 Posts: 1
I’ve been together with my significant other for a few years now. And talks about marriage have been popping up here and there. I think we are about to get serious with the wedding plans. We met in a romance date tour and we never really saw this coming but we are both in the appropriate age for marriage and we are truly serious about each other. I literally have no idea about how weddings take place. We aren’t planning for ours to be so grand or whatever, but we do want it to be close to perfect. Do I need to hire a wedding planner or organizer? Is it worth paying extra fees? Can somebody tell me the real pros and cons about hiring one?
Atinalaw Posts: 2
Hello, Congrats on delving into the wedding planning world! Have you looked at a venue yet? I think most hotels have a wedding manager/co ordinator that looks after a lot of details and help with the running order of the day as part of their duties associated with the booking. They would have contacts also regarding music, hair & makeup, florists, car hire etc. If you're wedding is abroad then I would definitely recommend hiring a planner unless you have family or friends in the country that can assist. We are in the planning stage of booking our wedding in Spain and while we haven't fully settled on a date our planner has been amazing so far with all the local knowledge and help. Good luck whatever you choose!