Do you get crushes?

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IsItVeryWrong Posts: 2
I'm a VERY regular poster here and if ye figure out who I am well no harm but H2B looks at this site sometimes and he knows my ususal username so i'm trying to be a bit discreet! Just wondering if anyone else gets crushs on other men? I don't mean Jack from Lost or Michael from Prison Break but actual men that you know? I have to say I am wicked for it. I think I've had a soft spot for someone or other since I was about 11 years old :oops: I never actually scored the people I crushed in my teens so I think somewhere in my head who i fancied and who I was with became two seperate departments if you know what I mean, and that never stopped when I met H2B. It's not as if I'd ever do anything, I think I'd die of heart failure if I thought any of them were ever getting ideas about me, but I do seem to spend more time than seems appropriate thinking "Ummmmmm, the things I'd do to you if I was single!!" At this point (in my head) I've worked my way through a large proportion of all the men I've ever worked with and most of H2Bs good friends!! Am I awful?
torribride Posts: 884
Ha!! I used to have a crush on a guy I worked with..I just thought he was really cute. I kept having dreams about him, was realy embarassed when I had to work with him the next day! I told h2b and he used to slag me about it. It's not as if I would have done anything. I think it's pretty normal but not many would admit to it! :oops:
Annabel Posts: 331
Yeah I still have crushes on other guys... when I rem that I'm 'married' I feel guilty though... not sure why but somehow I think I'm being unfaithful though I'd never do anything about it.
cleopatra Posts: 154
ya I do too - Its all very normal though to have crushes on other men once you don't ACT on it!
Sticks'nStones Posts: 401
You are 100% normal. All you did was get married - you did not have your senses taken from you. It is even healthy to realise that other people are still attractive, otherwise it would be a bit bunny boiler to think that DH is the only person who is attractive in the whole world. Of course physical attraction is only a small portion of what keeps you with your DH so don't worry about it at all. MPA
ladybugsept05 Posts: 26
I agree with the other girls - prefectly normal to have crushes. I work with the really fit guy (plays for his county) yummy bod and really nice guy too. :oops: But would never do anything. O:o) he knows we all fancy him and is really sweet about it.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I wonder who our men get crushes on? :? :shock:
shadow Posts: 1866
Just because you are on a diet doesnt mean you cant look in the fridge!!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Ye but when I look in the fridge I always have to grab a bit of what I fancy...chocolate! :lol:
Luso Posts: 271
I've had a crush on the same man for the past 12 yrs. My husband knows I fancy him and he doesn't really mind. He knows it is just something from afar and we totally trust each other. I think it's normal to fancy other men from time to time as it is for men to fancy other women. As long as nothing gets out of hand and you don't make each other uncomfortable.