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Chococat Posts: 1632
[quote="Delish":26q63lg4]Just wondering does anyone else think people are more accepting of infidelity these days?[/quote:26q63lg4] I don't think it's acceptable & H2B would NEVER get a second chance if he ever did it. I do know some girls who know about their DH cheating & they accept it. I think it's people who roll over & ignore it that make it seem acceptable.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I have to admit that throughout my late teens I was a serial dirt do-er! Would hardly call any of the guys relationships as most only lasted for a few weeks but even in that little stretch of time I could manage to cheat! I didn't think about it too much at the time and I don't now either but I know that I would never ever ever cheat on h2b! I think that it's appalling that people cheat when there are such high stakes such as children etc. On Valentine's day I went into a card shop for a birthday card and they were flat out in the shop. Was making small talk with the assistant while she served me and was just saying gosh ur busy etc. She said that you see all sorts for Valentine's but the best is the guys who come in buying the standard small 'For my Wife' card and then huge massive 'Girlfriend' ones! No shame at all! They would take the two cards at the same time to the checkout! I couldn't believe it!
graceface Posts: 3632
graceface Posts: 3632
[quote="Seashelly":70cyynwg]I am 21 and this kinda behavior appalls me. I don't think its a generational thing. I think its more that people have simply become more open about sex in general.[/quote:70cyynwg] ditto seashelly. same age, same attitude. I don't think the younger generation is more acceptant of cheating at all. I know I'm not. TBH though, the brother's OP sounds more like he's looking for an excuse for his own cheating really. If there's nothing wrong with cheating, why would you need to try to validate it by attempting to normalise it??