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Gemma 2 Posts: 72
He does not deserve you and is behaving like a pig... Tell him to have a go at his mother too if he really feels that way...( of course it won't but it might put it into perspective for him) He is competeley self absorbed and obsessed and he just needs to snap out of it.... Far from making it up to him I would move out for a couple fo days if you live together or not see him for a couple of days and tell him that until he has apologised to you properly and made amends in some way he can forget about Vegas ( in case he blames you for something he does not like about the trip) etc... I really feel for you but you are not to blame , he is just a selfish pig and you went to alot of trouble for him
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Glad ye had a chat about it! Ensure that if he throws a strop like that again then you chat about it over and over until he gets the message that throwing his toys out of the pram is not the best response ever.