finding it difficult to forgive

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wollie01 Posts: 248
My H2B is the most wonderful person in the world but he did something last week that really hurt me, long story. He apologised completely saying that he never meant to hurt me :o( & I totally believe him, just finding it hard to move on. does anyone else feel like this sometimes? I think its a confidence thing
blissful2b Posts: 1555
depends what it is he's done.... can you give a littel more detail?
smurph30 Posts: 72
It totally depends on what he has done but I do find it hard to forgive sometimes. Its the hurt it causes you if they are even unaware of it at the time. I can milk it a bit though aswell so maybe I find it harder to forget than forgive!!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I tend to rant till I get everything off my chest. I honestly can't harbour any feelings. Then I find it very easy to draw a line under things. Is it the seriousness of what he did or things you wish you had said that are stopping you from forgiving him?
wollie01 Posts: 248
It really wasnt serious what he did & i know he sincerely regrets it. I said exactly how i feel & he totally agreed with me. I suppose i just need time to get over it as im extremely sensitive & take everything personally
lolly77 Posts: 851
Hi, its only been a week, its prob still abit raw yet so its hard to get over! dont force your self, feeling have a habbit of working thenselves out over time. Good luck!
oh dear Posts: 72
Hi wollie01 I have a habbit of forgiving a bit too quickly or at least thinking i've forgiven. Then my h2b thinks everything is fine and I get a bit resentful that he doesn't realise i'm still a bit put out. He's suppose to read my mind of course. So take your time and if its not anything too serious you'll be fine after a while.
crazychick Posts: 763
My H2B has done annoying things and I've forgiven him quickly, only for him to turn around and do the annoying thing again and then when I call him up on it he turns around and says 'Oh I didn't know you were that bothered about it, you didn't make much of a fuss'. So now when H2B annoys me I let him know straight away, and ya know what - life's much easier for the both of us, cos I'm getting what I want and he doesn't have to put up with me mystifying him by sulking *)
wollie01 Posts: 248
Thanks so much for all your replies. Feeling better today
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
depends on the deed left toilet seat up: you are nuts threesome with your mam and sister: no court would convict you