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Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hi Guys, I need some advice, my H2B did not like the industry he was in and decided to go back to uni to get further qualifications he did his Masters part time and then his PHD full time for the last 3 years. He is finished a couple of months now and cant get a job and I am so upset for him, the jobs he is being offered he is so over qualified for and are in the industry he was in before, he is so depressed and is worried now about paying for the wedding & mortgage etc. as the money he is being offered is sh*t.0 I am fed up trying to boost his confidence and telling him it will be ok when I should be excited about planning our wedding, I just wish we coudl have some luck for a change. Sorry for moaning thanks for reading. Dora x >:o(
Fifi Le Fume Posts: 1718
I didnt want to read and not reply.. Thats awful dora, and id say its a very hard time for both of you. I hope all works out for ya. Have a hug xxxx :action32
Seoid Posts: 89
Hi Dora, What did H2B do his PhD on if you don't mind me asking? What sort of career is he looking to go into? Would he consider doing some postdoctoral research? Have a look on for academic jobs like postdoctoral and lecturing positions. My H2B is just finishing his PhD in psychology and has applied for a lectureship. Lectureships are not easy to get, and the money starts out quite poor, but it's a very good career path and the potential to earn is very good. It seems to me that he needs to sit down and work out what he wants. Having a PhD is great but it can actually narrow your options rather than expand them as it's a very academic qualification and not one that many industries will be looking for, unless he can operate in some sort of consulting role, where he's using his academic knowledge. If you give me a bit more info on what he does I might have more advice for you.
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hi Seoid Going to email you cause if I give any more info everyone will know who I am if they know me ha ha.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Just wanted to say your H2B should hang in there, it's a terrible time of year for jobs now, probably won't start picking up for a few weeks yet. Has he tried registering with agencies?
Delish Posts: 4176
My only piece of advice is it's easier to move jobs than to start from scratch, would your h2b consider taking on a short term contract to get him back into the work mode and then hopefully progress from there. Being unemployed can be awful for your self-esteem so sometimes it's better to start at some job ( maybe not the dream job) and work your way up the ladder. He should apply for loads of jobs, even ones that he is not really keen on, just to get interviews and get into the whole swing of selling himself. Good luck I know it's really hard for you too .
kittysue Posts: 1016
My DH is out of work too. We agreed he take a year off to build our house as it would be cheaper doing it this way....the house is built wedding is over......and he's still not working....... I don't think I can handle it any more.......THe house is by no means painting rooms, landscaping...etc.....and yet he's just not interested in helping out any more.......any painting i do..he just finds flaws....I'm screaming on the inside...but I can't talk to him coz he just won't listen. I've never had money worries before this and I have had to take out a loan to help finish the house.......we will eventaully be selling the house and I know things will be better then but at the moment it's really hard........he won't work for measly money but I'm beginnig to think that something is better than nothing coming in every week.
lil kim Posts: 436
hi kittsue, im very sorry to hear this, i really hope things sort themselves out. hes prob finding flaws because hes so tired of being out of work, in other words men always need somebody to blame and its usually those closest to them they take it out on. at least you can see tyhe light at the end of the selling the house, i really and truly hope things will get better for you and for dora. pm me if ya wannt talk x
Moet for me Posts: 1841
kittysue Posts: 1016
Just pm'd lil kim08....