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pluppy Posts: 3519
no never, we dont really drink much
cleopatra Posts: 154
[quote:1j8oovqm]hubbie was on the verge of having a drink problem some years ago and it took alot of work from both of us to get to where we are today I think that is where we are now. i hope it turns out as well for us. [/quote:1j8oovqm] be very careful magpie, a friend of mines marriage just broke up because of drink. They were only married a few years. He seemed to have a different personality with drink in him. He's been like that for years but I guess she loved him and hoped he would change. Unfortunetly he didn't. Its very sad and a pity they didn't iron out the problem before they married.
MrsMeggy Posts: 367
I picked ocasionally as well it is more about like some other said wanted to go out on a sunday when he has work the next day. he is also a devil when he decided he wants to go out for a match or he wants a few pints and nothing will change his mind, however that said when he says a few pints he usually only has a few. We got drunk on Saturday night for my birthday and we had a ball together we usually have some great chats when we get drunk together..
kellyc Posts: 1300
one question why would you fight with him if he goes out on sunday and has work the next day. Isnt that his own problem if he cant get up?
clucky Posts: 26471
[quote:17o2bw96]one question why would you fight with him if he goes out on sunday and has work the next day. Isnt that his own problem if he cant get up?[/quote:17o2bw96] yes leave him there
MrsMeggy Posts: 367
Because if he is late for work he loses money, he always goes in but he can be late and because he wakes me up coming in if he is late home and because I have to listen to him complaining about a hangover
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
To be honest, we don't in general. However though, if we're out for the night and i'm the designated driver and he's with the fellas having a few pints, if he starts acting the tipsy eegit and trying to be funny, i get pissed off and just want to go home while he's there "Aaah, just one more for the ditch, baby" and i'm like "ARRRRRRGH!".
Mrs Bear Posts: 195
Yes, sometimes I am a complete asshole when very drunk. I have calmed down in recent years though and rarely get drunk if I can avoid it. He could drink all night and never get bould ... and still remember what a muppet I was the night before :oops:
Sart Posts: 441
thank god neither of us really drink. And I couldn't tell you the last time we set foot in a pub. we'd rather go out to dinner, have friends over for dinner and have a glass of wine. Both of us had alcoholic parents and I had an alcoholic boyfriend so we know the danger alcohol can cause. As one of the other posters said, I can't understand why everything - even christenings FFS - revolve around alcohol in Ireland. Its such an unhealthy attitude.
Little Liv Posts: 92
I voted no - he is a pioneer - sounds boring but actually totally the opposite - I'm not a BIG drinker myself - I like to have 2 or 3 - it doesn't cause a problem with us - If I get drunk its usually not intentionally and he thinks I'm cute and just laughs but he gets odd if I do shots cos he thinks the only point to them is to get pissed - being a pioneer he hasn't tasted Micky Finns so its hard for him to understand!!! ;)