Her son is making me feel so unwelcome

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joshreid14 Posts: 1
I prepared well for that day, but my fiance's son is making me feel so unwelcome. I did what that marriage tours had suggested on meeting one’s fiance's family member, but it didn’t work so good. I know I did well on her parents but the problem is the kid. It seems like he doesn’t like me. I tried my best to look good in his front but to no avail--he just sneered at me. Wedding is happening in two weeks now and I need to win that kid’s heart first. What should I do?
natago Posts: 3
Hi, I can feel u and understand the problem. first of all I think you need just try to talk to him. How old is he? Is he very young or a teenager? If he's a teen, might be that it will be okay after a while, but if he is just a kid, I suggest you to try just play with him and try to be like a older friend. Play with him, talk, suggest him fun games, invite him to play with you some board games. just show some attention and be honest. kids can easily see when people are honest and warm and when they try just to be good in front, but hating on the back.