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PrincessBride_07 Posts: 517
blondebride08 Posts: 317
Just cos he isn't all about other people's kids doesn't mean he doesn't want them, don't worry! I'd regard my h2b as a true alpha male - he'd often say to me "I'm useless at oohing and aahing after kids the way you're able to". Since we've gotten engaged he's gotten totally broody - not fawning over kids or anything - but in the car one day out of nowhere i got a dose of "I think XXX would be a fine strong name for a boy" and he told me he'd love to start TTC on our honeymoon! Whoa, steady on there buddy!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Yeah I wouldnt be too worried either. Its not as if he is blantantly telling you he doesnt want kids. I have to admit I wouldnt be a huge fan of other people kids (dont get me wrong I dont dislike them either), its just that they arent your own so its hard to be super bonded to them if you get me! When the time is right he will be as keen as every other dad you see in the park playing footie with their kids.........and believe me he will do anything and everything in his power to be the best Dad he can ;)
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Blokes don't have that inbuilt maternal instinct that those of us with wombs sometimes get, but don't worry, he's a normal guy. My h2b was like yours in that he wouldn't fall over himself with kids but he would play with his neices and nephews and is coming around to the idea gradually, even though he doesn't really talk about it. I think he's just scared of little babies and stuff thinking he's gonna drop them but when people have kids, they just learn as they go along. I know he'll be a great father and can't wait to start trying once we're married. We were in mass the other day and there was a little boy with his dad in front of us and they had their own little clique going on...but i looked at h2b and he was standing there smiling and watching them, so i knew what he eventually wants without him having to go gaga over babies when he sees them.
PrincessBride_07 Posts: 517
cool thanks, I did sort of know that but it's nice to hear others saying it too you know? I'm sure he will be a great dad, and sure he's picked out names he likes and everything so it's a start!!
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
i've had no contact with kids.. we're youngest of the cousins.. and close enough in age to my siblings that i don't remember them as babies. never had a baby sitting job.. just no contact with kids really. when my friend had a baby i couldn't hold it.. and just wanted her to take him back in case i 'broke him' h2B is same.. but WE WANT KIDS AND CAN'T WAIT