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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
For a bit of love or romance or TLC or just cuddles? I know if I came home and h2b had candles lit and a bottle of wine I would be putty in his hands. Unfortunately the only time my h2b looks for candles is when there is a powercut. Anyway.. what do men like? (apart from the obvious). do candles float their boat? Or am I just blessed with the one who likes to snore and fart on the couch at the weekends while I sit seething with my bottle of Blossom Hill while throwing dirty looks at his back on the couch
Cathy34 Posts: 1068
My hubby loves back massages I am not sure though if the candles do anything for him :o0
Emu09 Posts: 43
:o0 Laughing here cos have one of those myself at home.....always end up having all the wine to myself as one glass and it's lights out for him!! I think I do the candle lighting and blazing fire and good meal and movie for myself as much as himself!! I could have 100 candles lighting around him and he'd be alll ''oh the hazards- an accident waiting to happen" so like a lot of men- good food, good wine, good movie on the they really need a ''mood'' to be set!!!
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
[quote="Emu09":11crt1fo]:o0 I could have 100 candles lighting around him and he'd be alll ''oh the hazards- an accident waiting to happen" ![/quote:11crt1fo] I hear "you won't quit with them bloody candles till you burn the whole place to the ground". Oh what a romantic.
Emu09 Posts: 43
Yep I truly am blessed........ :o0 :o0 And if I throw another log on the fire " Jeez- you'll have the chimney up- I'm sweatin' " Men- eh... It'll just be me and trusty wine by 11 p.m. tonight - although it is too nice for a fire, so he might last til 11.30 before dozing off!!!
SteveMcQueen Posts: 466
But they are fire hazards!
Roxanne Posts: 3201
One word - lingerie! And stockings, but that would be three words... men are all about the visual.
sunny505 Posts: 1807
I have often arrived home to H2B standing at the door - "dinner's in the oven and your bath is running". And there are candles all over the place cos he knows I love them. I am very lucky. I did return the favour and he absolutely loved it - hot bath with lots of bubbles.
gerbil Posts: 3528
leave the couch, that's my advice O-O Men often associate sitting in with just being lazy, watching tv, snoring away. It's the norm, it's not romantic. Drag him out for a walk, or to the cinema, talk about completely different things than normal, break the routine. Can't hurt :thnk
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
oh we are soo lazy wit each other... he says fancy a massage i say go on then!