[quote="gramurray":zm0vi3al]I think some of these posts are a little disrespectful to our poor friend here. Ye are speaking of her and not to her and ye are beginning to debate/fight about what advice to give her, instead of addressing her and supporting her. Don't mean to sound overly judgemental, but it just strikes me a bit and makes me sad for this girl.[/quote:zm0vi3al] My post was in reply to posts in relation to her problem. Some were saying it wasn't an issue, others were disagreeing. I was with the latter. Therefore my post had more to do with the OP than yours, no? [quote="oharetobe":zm0vi3al]Scots - The one thing that fails in the post is that her H2B hasn't asked her to be a swinger, I think it's jumping to conclusions to assume that he still is a swinger which is unfair. I'm basing my opinions on what the OP has written. If she comes back and says that he is still swinging and wants her too, then by all means she has a reason to be P*ssed and HE should sleep in the spare room!!!![/quote:zm0vi3al] I see your point ohare and yes it is our jumping to conclusions I guess but I still think it's justified. I think we will have to agree to disagree! OP...has there been anything further on this matter with your H2B??