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Gingham Posts: 3014
im not inviting anyone from work...the people i work with are unfriendly at the best of times...ive even heard my manager slagging of people in works weddings shes been to, behind there back....shes not sumone i want at my day. want all my friends and family, people i love around me...and work to be the furthest thing from my mind
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
My wedding is about 3 hours away so Il put up an evening invite (I dont think anyone will bothered coming) but will invite a couple whos wedding we are going to soon.. A friend of mine for years also works there so she will be invited too.. I have been telling everyone it will be a small wedding anyway... :wv
smilesalot Posts: 49
One of the girls i work with has just announced that there is a bus load of my work people intending on going to my wedding, and i have already said its a small family wedding. I said to her they wont be getting invited so they cant turn up, and she said she wouldn't be suprised. They couldn't, could they? Ill just have to make it even more clear they will not be wanted there!!! AAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhh!!!!!!! The bloody cheek >:o( O:|
gerbil Posts: 3528
smilesalot, you can have a word with your venue and tell them that you want to make sure there are no extra people turning up and ask them to be vigilant. Equally you can detail a brother, or BIL or simialr to turf out any unwanted guests. I seriously doubt though that anyone will do it :wv
smilesalot Posts: 49
Hopefully you are right Gerbil, it would be fairly embarrassing to have to have my boss turfed out. Surely though people realise its invite only! I just dont want to have to deal with crap :o(
gav Posts: 10
I am getting married shortly and do not want to invite any of my team to the afters. Working with them all 3yrs, there is 1 or2 I wouldn't mind inviting but it will have to be all or none. Thinking of inviting them just for the sake of it but really wish they dont come. If I invite it would just be for a quite life and hate doing that