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Trixy3 Posts: 2041
I can't tell you what to do but he sounds like a man in a million and they are hard to find these days.... Go with your head though as it is very easy to fall back into the safety net of your relationship and this issue may crop up in a few years time again... The best of luck with it....
Festive Wedding Posts: 133
I am a true believer of what is meant to be, will be. Don't stress too much about it. You are both starting a fresh with all issues on the table and you need his support now more than ever with your bad news. let it be and just be with each other!!
scotswedding Posts: 2829
[quote="letmein":2qncz51s]Hi guys Thought I better log in to give you an update. I continued to feel a bit confused, not knowing what I want etc. I got bad news from my hospital appointment with the news being that I will not be able to conceive a baby :o( He was the first person I wanted to talk to, he was great sent me big bunch flowers etc..and was really supportive. He asked me to go out to dinner on sat night which I did, and we got on great. We had a big chat about the sex issue and I told him how I felt, I thought he'd be a typical man and huff but he said he wished I had talked to him sooner because it was something we could work on :-8 Don't really know what is happening with us now, we haven't decided to get back together but it's something that may be on the cards..what do you's think??[/quote:2qncz51s] Letmein, am sorry to hear your bad news. I hope you're ok. :action32 As for what I think about ye getting back together? We can't tell you what to do. Only you know how you feel. It's hard to get the right balance between being true to yourself and what only you know in your head & heart and not over thinking every situation. If it feels right, go for it. Good luck with everything...
MrsYippee Posts: 804
My thoughts are that if everything was going great and you still broke up with him then he is not the one for you. I have gone out with people before, broke up, and then got back and thought well this could be it so I'll give it another go...but it never was. Then met h2b and could never ever imagine not being with him, the last thing I would want is for us to break up. You have had no closure on your realtionship. I know he's a nice guy but he should stop bombarding you with the texts cos it sounds like you don't know your own mind at the moment. Breaking up with someone is the most horrible thing in the world to do, I really don't know anyone that would do it when they are in a good and loving relationship, unless they really don't want to be in that relationship. You need to cut all ties so you both can move on. He is still mad about you so trust me you are not doing him any favours by responding to his texts and keeping in contact. When 2 people break up and keep in contact it is nearly always because 1 person does not want to be broken up and the other is making themselves feel better after doing the breaking up by staying friends.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
newstart09 Posts: 20
Hi thanks for all the replies and advice.. We are still no farther forward, I told him I still wasn't 100% sure and that I didn't want to get back unless I was, he has been so undersanding, he just said he'd always be here for me and hoped that I could find it in my heart to try again at some stage. Moet for me, thank you very much for replying when you were reluctant, your post really rang bells with me..he really is a gem and treats me better than I have ever been treated before and I have met some s*its in my time..we do get on so well, we sometimes even think the same, we connect so well that way but I just don't know if the physical attraction is there for me, is this something that can be worked on? Is it really such an important part of a relationship that could be so successful every other way? I am so confused O:| I know the best way would be to cut all ties but we both find that very difficult and usually last 2 days, we are like best friends we want to share everything with each other but it won't work just being friends as we have been intimate for too long so things just get confused. I think I got so hurt in the past I now question everything where as before with my ex the relationship probably wasn't as good but I was floating along in a happy little bubble until somebody took a pin and burst it. :o( Why can't things just be simple.........
Moet for me Posts: 1841
[quote:9z43g736]I have met some s*its in my time[/quote:9z43g736] So had I and I think it got me into a routine of liking the rogue who treats 'em mean. [quote:9z43g736]I just don't know if the physical attraction is there for me[/quote:9z43g736] This is important if you feel you don't find him at all attractive I mean I always thought DH was cute and I had a crush on him before we got together but I still wouldn't have dreamed as putting him as 'the one' and while now I think he is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on that is to a certain extent based of those little looks and expressions that I get over time. Basically I do think you can fall in love with someone after a period of time that originally you could not have seen yourself with, it is of course a lot easier to find them irresistable from day one but personally I don't believe that is always what happens.