Not getting much these days & worried about it

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notmuch Posts: 14
Regular user but going anon for this.
pupsalove Posts: 1490
Hi Notmuch COuldn't read and not reply. We are in a similar situation except we're two years married and our sex life isn't great, he's working out (gym, running etc) almost every day now and it leaves him exhausted in the evening when I'm ready to go. He's also a morning person and I'm not so it gets hard to coordinate. The are differences in our sex drives too and this became apparant after we started TTCing. It became impossible and VERY stressful for me if I couldn't induce or seduce him into doing the deed during the important week. So now I'm not bothering,its been 4 weeks now and nothing. Plenty of affection don't get me wrong but nothing else. I think a lot of it is to do with bad SA results we received and I'm trying to be patient and supportative but its hard. Now I'm not saying that this is or will be the problem for you. I would say in your case its the stress of the wedding etc taking its toll on both of you and I wouldn't worry about it, things will return to normal I'm sure after the wedding. Just remember to make time for this, throw on a bit of fancy lingerie and away you go, even if you're not in form for it yourself, you will be glad in the end you did. Best of luck
notmuch Posts: 14
[quote="pupsalove":3ereiyv0]he's working out (gym, running etc) almost every day now and it leaves him exhausted in the evening when I'm ready to go.[/quote:3ereiyv0] I think this is part of the problem. My h2b works out in morning. He just arrives in from gym after I've had my shower and I don't want to have to go for another one..... then at night he is wrecked. Only window is after he come in from work and lately he has been going to the gym in evening as well.....
d\'wifey Posts: 166
Maybe make certain nites a "date nite" where ye set aside a couple of nites a wk where you dont go to gym and you dont watch tv etc and just make a nice dinner together, open a bottle of wine and see wat happens! I dont mean this to sound bad both maybe ur thinkin bout it too much..just let it happen,im speaking from experience here it happened us and i figured out i just needed to relax and not worry about havin to be somewhere or needin to get something done around house etc and it worked! sex should be fun and relaxed and the stress of a wedding can really take it out of people..its completely normal! again sorry if that came out wrong :wv