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monaghanbride Posts: 11
I was on Yasmin at one stage too and it was a disaster. My advice to you would be to finish out the pack and start on a new one on the first day of bleeding. I know its hard but its better then your cycle being messed up for sometime...... I tried about 5 or 6 pills and used to stop them once they started acting up and i ended up bleeding for 2 months straight. Not nice at all!! Im on Overnette now and im perfect. Ask your doc about it.
*gone* Posts: 4785
[quote:cej6s4em] Also am on Anti biotic for infection so it's not even doing what it is supposed to!!! [/quote:cej6s4em] Well that solves your period problem so ... if you are on antibiotics, and there is less than a week left in your pill when you finish your antibio's, then you should start another pill packet without a break in order to continue your protection. So no period - happy days!!
HisWife Posts: 314
Sorry Girls, only getting read your posts now. Feeeling a bit more normal today, have finished work so other than my boss makig me feel like shite, I feel a lot better. Chest infection is moving off-yuck,yuck,yuck. but at least it will be gone. NotLongToGo, I am on Klacid for the infection and realise now that it can be either theat are giving me the side effects. It didn't help that when I googled Yasmin the amount of horror stories that came up were unbelieveable.Finished the Klacid tomorrow so should feel better then. Have decide to take the rest of the pack which will man I fiinish the day before the wedding. Not sure if I will run another pack in, but if not, at lease the wedding will be over. Have the Pimulet tabs too, so should be ok. Thanks for all the advise, sorry have no clue re the pill, but I never imagined that it was so complicated!!![/quote]
daisyduke22 Posts: 269
Make sure u ask ur doctor in case ur thinking of just stopping in the middle of the pack. Have heard u can get "caught" if u do this.