Hi Confused09, On the porn issue - don't get too hung up on it - as other posters have said, all men do it. My H2B used to be quite into it until I moved in, and now that I am around he doesn't really have the chance. However, what we have done is included this in our own s*x life from time to time. Sometimes we will watch a porn dvd or film on Sky+. I have to say it doesn't turn me on at all, but I get turned on by seeing him turned on, iykwim. I'll often put on stockings/suspenders/tights for fun and that lets him play fantasy a bit, so I think that doing that has reduced his need for porn. Maybe its time to open up to the fantasy side, and have a some fun. Talk to H2B about it - let him know you are not used to it but maybe would like to share in it with him. I was virgin (late 20's!) when I got together with my H2B so he is all I have ever known, and opening up and having fun has helped us grow closer! Talk to him. Be open minded and remember men like to fantasisze and it does NOT in any way mean that they will stray.... Good luck! :xxx