Private Lapdance

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moneymaid Posts: 9
Regular user here but I have have gone anon for this post. I found out today my husband got a private dance in a lapdancing club this weekend while on a stag in England. I have no problem with him going to these clubs but the fact that another woman was rubbing her breasts in my husbands face is bothering me. He had his hands behind his back but she was allowed to touch him. My understanding of a lap dance was that there was no touching of any kind allowed. He was allowed to suck on her breasts. Do you consider this cheating?
blossimhill Posts: 400
Well money maid god think if my DP went that far i would be very upset going to a lapdancing club well thats one thing but booking a private dance well thats another, suppose he cant see the problem would make me wonder what else went on and how would he react if the shoe was on the other foot. Are u ok with this whether we think its cheating or not its u that has to get ur head around it.
Doggysmile Posts: 188
Aw, thats a horrible situation. To be honest, I think being intimate with another woman is completely unacceptable, it may not be 'cheating' in the usual sense of the word but I would be very upset about this. Whatever about him being goaded by the lads and having a lapdance where theres no touching involved but sucking on her breasts...well, I never get annoyed about things in general but I feel very f*****g pissed off about that on your behalf. And he told you about this? Thats a good sign I think but seriously, what the hell was he thinking.
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Are you sure he was allowed to suck on her breasts? Did he suck on her breasts, that is more relevant I suppose than whether he was allowed to or not. I am no prude, and lapdancing as such does not bother me, but if my husband sucked on another womans breasts during a dance that would not be okay with me. FP
Hepburn Posts: 4081
[quote="Forgottenpassword":1emovc4x] Did he suck on her breasts, that is more relevant I suppose than whether he was allowed to or not. FP[/quote:1emovc4x] Exactly!
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
TO my knowledge there is absolutely no touching allowed on the mans part so I can't believe he was allowed do anything to her breasts!!! Your husand must be very honest to tell you that. If that did actually happen then I would be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed, I consider that cheatin but then again that is just me. I have no issues at all with porn etc. or going to clubs but going that far is too much. It's akin to prostitution - in my opinion only of course. He was honest with you though which is a good thing!
nerja09 Posts: 77
I'm afraid I have to agree that the breasts bit isnt ok, but the dance itself is ok, I suppose, at a push, as he did tell you. I'm really sorry for you, but if hes very remorseful and doesnt think its ok in the cold light of day, then I wouldnt let it ruin your relationship. My partner had a lapdance with my express consent 2 years ago, but I wasnt really comfortable with it, even though I thought I'd be ok about it before it happened. I would have chopped his tongue off if he had sucked her boobies. Good luck
pawpad Posts: 650
I'd freak out. I would be absolutely furious. How would he feel if you got a private lap dance from a man, I wonder? In my opinion it's very disrespectful. That's an intimate experience that has no business happening outside of a relationship.
moneymaid Posts: 9
Posted in OT also Many thanks for all your replies and opinions on this matter. It was my HUSBAND that got the lapdance, not my H2B. He was at a stag party in Liverpool and apparently it is common for the girls to be able to touch their punter but the punter is not allowed to touch the girl. My husband told me that he was sitting there as she was dancing for him, she rubbed her breasts into his face and kind of opened his mouth with her finger. She then stroked her nipples to make them go hard and put it in his mouth. I am very upset and confused about this.
vivien leigh Posts: 48
hi moneymaid, hope you are ok, i know you must seem very confused right now, I really think you shouldnt worry too much about this, unless your hubby was bragging about it he prob felt really wierd about what happened and decided to go straight away and tell you not thinking of the consequences! you cant let this ruin your relationship I think you should just enjoy watching him making it up to you for the rest of your life together he he!! >:o)