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Teacake88 Posts: 352
don't do it milliemac - I have rarely posted on this site, but i have to say something to you as my story sounds almost identical. My husband has a drink problem and suffers from depression (i'm not sure which came first) I've been with my husband since we were 19, we're 31 now and married for 1.5years. We are now living apart and our house is up for sale. My life is an absolute mess. I even thought i'd have a baby, try and make myself "more important" or something!! I thought that if i was pregnant then then he would finally realise how much he loves me and stop drinking. How stupid is that! I'm actually an intelligent woman with lots of friends and can't believe i used to think like this! Love does strange things to you. So now I'm absolutely terrified of the future, scared stupid of being on my own, scared i'll never have a family and so many other things. But i know in my heart that I couldn't go on living the life i was. Please don't make the same mistake i did
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Millimac......How are things now?
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Milliemac my heart bleeds for you. I was married before and thought that H2B had a drink problem but put it to the back of my mind. We got married and less than a year later we were separated. He was a complete Ba**ard with drink on him and I spend some nights hiding in the spare room to get away from him. He used to go out after work and not come home for days at a time. His workmates would cover for him and tell me that I was imagining it. His own father and mother pleaded with me not to marry him as did my own. But I said I knew what I was doing - how wrong I was. Don't do it - no matter how many times that they say they will change - they won't. Don't be like me - I was hit with the house phone once because I answered it. Told me that I was not allowed to answer the phone - yeah I was the one who paid the bills. It was his new girlfriend on the phone. I was not even aware of this. Pm if you want a chat anytime!
blink Posts: 821
I have only just seen this post and I am sure you have made the decision that is best for you. Either way remember there is always support here for you if you need it. The girls here are great for lifting spirits and giving advice. Good Luck. :thnk