Should we Announce our Engagement?

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Joleen Posts: 2
Hi Looking for some advice. My BF and I deceided we wanted to get married a few months back but decided to hold off on an engagement as my sister is getting married in 3 months time. Now a good friend of mine has gotton engaged and is getting married in a quandry should we hold telling everyone until my friend has gotton married? Really want to announce after my sisters wedding but am feeling a bit guilty about taking away from my friend's big day,but getting impatient as well!! Any advice welcome!!
smurfette_ Posts: 61
There's six months between April and September. I cannot see how announcing an engagement in April or the Summer could possibly take from your friend's day (and it's only a day, not a six month run up) in September. Good on you for being so considerate but I'm sure she'll understand that her friends lives won't stop just because she's getting married.
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I agree with smurfette. I'd tell everyone now, God knows who else will get engaged in the next few months and you can't wait on everyone. :wv :wv
lil kim Posts: 436
first of all CONGRATS joleen, i totally agree woth other posts ye should announce it as soon as. personlly we waited a month to announce ours, we were going on holidays and waited until then but havin the ring and waiting 4 long weeks to tell someone was torture!! tell them all, everyone will be delighted.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I don't see how announcing your engagement before your friend's wedding would bother her. Unless you actually announce it AT her wedding - I know a girl who did this, turned up at the church with the ring and announced it to everyone about ten minutes before the bride walked down the aisle! THAT was well out of order, I thought, but you'll never announce it at all if you put it off on account of a wedding that's months away. There's always going to be something happening. I think it's nice of you not to want to steal your sister's thunder but I don't think your friend will mind at all.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I don't see any problem with announcing it after your sister's wedding - you've been very considerate to keep it quiet until now! Congratulations!!! O-O :o)ll :o)ll :xox
she Posts: 3298
i think you should announce it :o)ll congrats
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
Yes announce it!!! Go for it and CONGRATS O-O O-O
bobdcow Posts: 53
My cousin was married in Jan, best friend next march and me in July, had no problems announcing our engagement last year even when we knew these weddings were coming up, its your life so just announce it.
birdie Posts: 954
CONGRATULATIONS!!! And I would see nothing wrong with telling everyone right now! There's been a real outbreak of engagements and weddings among my circle of friends and family over the last while so there's been nothing but weddings and announcements and honestly I can't imagine either your sister or your friend having any problem with it, sure they'll be delighted for ye!! How have managed to keep it to yerselves even this long, ye'll probably burst if ye try to keep it in any longer! Go for it lady, and ENJOY! O-O