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anonanon79 Posts: 66
How about buying some massage oils etc, nice music, I find once you relaxed and that sometimes one thing leads to another. But if you are both worried and focused on sex its just extra pressure and then that takes the fun out of it. Plus a massage just for a massage sake can be lovely and intimate! I think all relationships go through dips, and just takes little bit of effort to get back into really wanting to be with each other.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
do it the minute you get in from work or else a little while after dinner (and stick on your wedding veil and shoes for maximum effect :o0 )
lotus s Posts: 184
I find my interest in sex drops when I feel bad about myself - bad skin day, feeling overweight, generally not feeling attractive, poor performances in work, not feeling like I've achieved what I want. He compliments me all the time so its nothing to do with that. Just sometimes a girl just gets that way. Don't focus on the "can't" and think about what has you feeling that way. Then do something about it that makes you feel good.