think its over, anyone been through this?

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Andi C. Posts: 1305
my fiance decided to end our 7 yr,with 1 yr engagemnt on thurs. it came as such a shock and out of blue. we've had our issues like any relationship but never thought this would happen. we've been feeling the pressure of mortgage as we are only in our house a yr now. dont know whats going to happen and havent even talked to him yet. want to give him some space to have a good think and realise if this is def wot he wants. just wondering if anyone has been through it, and wot did u do with the house. i dont want to lose it. thanks, :o(
rop Posts: 1453
didnt want to read and not reply, dont really have any advice for you but just hope it all works out ok... :thnk
movedtomeath Posts: 143
Take care
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been through something similar. I split up with my fiancee last year out of the blue (well for me anyway). I won't lie - it was very tough going but it gets easier every day. I hope you are doing ok. If you ever want to talk just PM me. The wollies are great for listening and giving advise. I actually don't know how I'd have gotten through it with out some of their kind words ET
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
You poor thing. God almighty. Maybe it's a case of everything getting to him - you know like financial pressures, realising he has big responsibilities now...Yes I would give him space, but look after no. 1 first whatever you do. I'm sorry, I can't really give advice. We're here for you if you feel like talking.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I haven't been through anything like this myself but a couple of my friends have and I just wanted to let you know that from what they have told me it is very hard at the time but it does get better (there words not mine, as I would not dare assume). Hopefully it will all work itself out when your fiance has some time to think about it. Just wanted to wish you all the best. :action32
lil kim Posts: 436
hi andi c thats really terrible, dont really have an advise for you, just hope your ok and i hope your friends and family are giving you the support you need. ive never been through it, i can only imagine the feelings you have right now. hopefully it will all work out the way you want pet x :action32
Andi C. Posts: 1305
thanks everyone. its been really hard. up and down most days. id be fine then something would just come into my head and id start crying. hopefully it will get easier.
Shin Posts: 8515
Hiya andi c You poor thing missy. Breakups are horrendous!!! and it must be even worse when you've a house and the legalities to sort out. My heart goes out to you hun with what you're going through. I've been in that situation before but without the house but it's the same feeling. I think everyone has in one way or another. Look people and friends will make all the right noises and give all the advice they can give but i know that you still feel that you're very much 'on your own' with it i.e it's YOUR head that is dealing with it, but Andi this is one of the heartaching hurdles in life that shapes you as a person, it makes you grow and at the time you think you will NEVER get over him or the breakup but please please believe me that you do. It's just unfortunate that the only thing that makes you get over it is pure time and it's a slow process but you will be amazed where your inner strength comes from when you look back on this. It's a human instinct in 'wanting to survive', 'wanting to carry on' even though you feel your cross is so heavy to bear. Yours is a bit heavier at the moment but you will survive this and get through it. the only way to it is through it. I remember when i broke up with my ex and at the time the pain was unbearable. i had to grieve and mourn the relationship and every day was a struggle until one day i realised that it was for the best looking back on it. I won't say to you 'i hope you both get back together' as this may not be for the best, what i will say is that i hope you both get through this and if that means ending your relationship in order to be happy in the long run then believe me, this is the right thing Andi C. EVERYONE deserves to be happy in the most fulfilling relationship and you may not see it now but one day you will meet someone who you are destined to be with. He's out there, you just haven't crossed paths yet. Keep your chin up. This isn't the end of your life. It doesn't make you a half a person if a relationship ends. xxxx
Curly Miss Posts: 473
Sorry to hear this Andi C, I hope you're ok, it can't be easy for you. Hope you have someone close you can talk to, a friend, sister, your mum or someone? It sounds like it might be just nerves on his part, but whatever happens I hope it all works out for the best. Don't forget we're all here to listen/read any time of day or night.