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marianf Posts: 5845
Its a very tough one. Do you tell Tracy and maybe cause a huge family rift or do you just ignore and go carry on as you have been assuming that Mary goes out when she hasn't the kids? As you said Tracy would be devastated, so I think you should do nothing. You seem sure that Tracy would never have done such a thing and if Mary thinks otherwise then thats her problem. Surely if she had real grounds for her accusation, she would have said something before now. I think Tracy can probably carry on ok in ignorance but I wouldnt imagine you could ever repair the damage if Tracy knew about it.
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
a fortune teller told your sister her husband was having an affair, and based on this she separated from the guy? not only that but she deduced all by herself that the other woman was her sister she needs medical help
Nutella-addict Posts: 26
Something went badly wrong in your sister's marriaage, it subsequently broke up, she's feeling like crap and is looking for someone to blame instead of accepting responsibility for whatever contribution she made to the breakup... Just the way I see it. Her state of mind right now is probably pretty fragile! It's hard to know how this could be resolved... Definitely unfair on Tracey anyway. Has your sister been to see a marriage counsellor, or a counsellor of any sort?
scotswedding Posts: 2829
This is why I hate bloody fortune tellers!!! A few years back my then best friend went to one (she must have gone to every one in the country at this stage) and he told her loads of stuff (most of which was in fairness accurate enough). Anyway he said about me being her best friend and how close we were but how we were both lying to each other. She was in a very bad place in her life at the time and months later came to the completely wrong conclusion about what I was lying about (it wasn't even a lie, it was me keeping a secret about my family that I had been specifically asked not to tell her cos they figured she'd tell all the wrong people). Anyhoo she lost the plot completely and we haven't spoken since that. In fairness I don't mind so much cos in hindsight she was a bit crazy and she treated me like sh*t throughout our friendship and I always overlooked it. But if someone that really meant a lot to me jumped to a conclusion like that....well I don't know what I'd do. A lot of fortune tellers are complete charlatans. Fair enough that a lot get some of it right but I've yet to hear about one who got it [u:2xqiu257]all[/u:2xqiu257] right. People don't acknowledge how much they're messing with their lives by taking these people's words over the reality around them. Your sister needs a serious wake up call. Tell her regardless of what the FT was right about she can't take everything he said as gospel and moreso can't jump to conclusions about the hazy stuff. If it was my sister I'd slap her, tell her to cop on and stop being braindead. But then I'm not very sensitive when it comes to things like this...
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Had she experienced this fortune teller before now? Do you believe what the fortune teller said yourself? Yep, say nothing, especially if you think it will come out in the end, which it probably will. Maybe Mary and treacy could return to the fortune teller for a joint reading, without treacy knowing why, and see what happens and what reaction the fortune teller has. She could say something completely different again!