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rugbydude Posts: 4
I'm a 29 yr old bloke about to turn 30 and looking for advice. Have always respected female advice over male especially in relationships. Basically, I broke up with a girlfriend of 4 and a half years last xmas. All we ever did was fight and argue and in last yr of relationship only had sex twice!!!. At the time I was totally comfortable with break-up - didn't want to end up in a bad relationship for life. Recently I've begun to miss her. When I think of her getting it on with another guy it makes me really jealous and sad. Is this normal or is it just that I feel lonely and worried that I'll end up alone. We've been texting a bit recently but I'm not sure that she feels the same. What should I do? Should I just remain patient and realise that there maybe someone special around the corner for me that will make me happy. Would just love to have a girl speak of me the way most of the posters to this forum speak of their bfs. HELP!!!
NowGone Posts: 8042
You probably don't miss her. You probably just miss the company and the sex, not to put too fine a point on it. Hang in there, you're still young, and who's in a hurry, anyway? I've loads of single female friends who are enjoying their singles lives - enjoys yours, and it'll all come to you in time.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
A few years ago my h2b could have written that post! He was with his ex for 7years and had tried on several occasions to finish it with her but she threatened suicide etc etc etc! Eventually he decided that he couldn't live his life like that! He was 28 at the time! They had the house, mortgage, puppy n all but messy and all as it was to sort out he doesn't regret it for one minute! He was single for about a year before we met but he said while he did miss company and sex he knows it was the best decision he ever made as he couldn't live his life like that! After 2 years together he proposed to me and we're expecting our first baby in October! Don't regret it! Get out there and enjoy being single for a while! The right woman will come along when you're ready for her! I'm a big believer that there's a reason behind everything and it will all work out in the end!
kenko Posts: 1430
Hang on in there,you will meet the girl of your dreams,and will leave go of the past without even realising it. Enjoy life in between.
SteveMcQueen Posts: 466
Stay cool rugbydude, definitely don't go back would be my advice. It didn't work the last time. When you think it's wrong it usually is, got out of a fractured relationship myself recently and am very glad I went through with it even though it was torture at the time. Think you should just bide your time and wait for the right one to come along instead of looking back.
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
It's perfectly natural to feel that way, but it doesn't mean that you miss the person/ just miss being with a person and having company. I came out of a 6 year relationship last year and just turned 29 in May. At times I think I miss him..but I know in my heart that I don't really. I've had more fun in this last year that I did in the last 3 years of being with him. I am loving being single but I know that I hope to meet someone soon. I know it will happen so I aint gonna rush it.
marianf Posts: 5845
I agree with the others. You miss the companionship etc but not necessarily the person. There is probably no reason why the relationship will work a second time if it had problems the first time. It is very hard to move on though (I know I have been there) especially if there isnt closure and you are still in contact. I think you should forget about her and move on. At least if you do that now, you are still on speaking terms rather than getting back together, raising your hopes and it fally apart in dramatic style with everyone getting hurt again!
rugbydude Posts: 4
Just wanted to thank all those that replied to my problem query. It has made me realise that it is the companionship I miss and that going back in to the relationship or even trying would be looking for trouble. I reckon I could still meet someone that turns my world around. Now, anyone any suggestions as to where I could meet this person - and don't say Coppers!!!
NowGone Posts: 8042
Jeebus, no. Coppers? :eek Most people meet through work and through friends. Get your mates to do the legwork for you!
Chococat Posts: 1632
We all have a broken heart at one stage in our lives, If you were with her for 4 & half years maybe you just miss the stage of your life that you shared, A good woman will come along soon, I agree with Nozilla, get your mates to do the leg work for you.