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Scruff1 Posts: 3139
We are actually going away the Saturday of Valentines weekend, we will be going to an engagement party so going to book ourselves into a hotel for that as a Valentines treat. Apart from that there won't be much apart from card, chocolate, etc! Never really do a whole lot for Valentines Day anyway!
jasmine29 Posts: 116
Hi Hollylol, we are having a quiet weekend... We are having our Valentine s dinner at home.. Will probably get the Marks & Spencer Meal deal.. and have quiet nite in.. Looking forward to it O:o)
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
im hoping husband will cook a meal O-O
jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
Girls, I'm all ready for valentines!! I HATE going out to din on valentines, so i'm cooking a lovely meal at home and we're going to my fav italian for an early bird on wednesday. I'm making lemon and garlic prawn tagliatelle with a cream tomato sauce (Jamie oliver recipe- REALLY EASY) & garlic bread, and Berry pavlova for dessert. It was the first meal i ever cooked for him way back when we were first dating, and to this day, is still his favourite. Ive bought a lovely bottle of wine and candles. We're actually gonna sit down at the kitchen table (with my red plecemats and heart candles!), as we usually end up eating in front of the tv (bad bad habit that i am determined to break) :-8 I also bought stockings to wear with a very sexy bustier and matching undies >:o) , which will be a surprise for later on!! >:o) We don't do the whole expensive thing, but i've bought him small silly things and wrapped them individually- boxers with hearts on them, a HUGE bar of cadburys turkish delight (his fav), lily o briens heary shaped chocs he's a chocoholic!), air fresheners for his car, and other small stuff. I can't WAIT!!! :lvs :lvs Enjoy it ladies!!!! :lvs >:o) :lvs >:o)
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
We will probably be killing each other or something like that :duh: That usually happens when I try to plan something nice or romantic.
Pricetag Posts: 1306
It was my b'day last weekend and we stayed in our Wedding Hotel, we had our menu tasting-FAB! So we will stay in tonight, he'll make dinner (as I can't cook and he likes cooking!!) We're not doign presents this year, just cards. Need to save every peeny for the wedding! :lvs :lvs :lvs