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BusyDee Posts: 8527
I know how you feel about having a friend amongst the bridal party. To me my bridesmaids will be the people that mean the most to me and 2 of them dont include family/sisters, I know lots of people that didnt ask sisters etc they had there friends. One girl had 4 sisters and was only having one b'maid so rather that having to choose 1 out of her 4 sisters she just had her best friend - the sisters all did something - singing in church, a reading etc and they were absolutly fine about it, so I dont think its set in stone that you HAVE to have your family. My brother was pratically forced to have all my brothers as best man/groomsmen and I know he regrets not having one particular friend. But at the same time I wouldnt worry about it if you dont have a particular friend that you want to ask - dont have someone just for the sake of it! And you dont have to explain anything to anyone!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
If you don't have an obvious friend who stands out above the others then I wouldn't spend another minute worrying about it. Have your 2 sisters, your sister-in-law-to-be (if you want her), and your cousin. That's 4 bridesmaids which is loads!
blissful2b Posts: 1555
[quote="Ehappy3":jeev80t7]Yes, I have no problem with my sisters and cousin, its just i would like to have a friend and dont most people have friends as bridsmades as well as family??[/quote:jeev80t7] of course you don't! you can have what you want! (and what you can afford - dresses and shoes and tan and hairstyles and accomodation etc for 4 Bmaids will be quite expensive!)
trance Posts: 3129
Hope I don't shock anyone here but I didn't have a bridesmaid!!! Yes it was just me, had my dear cousin who is the closest I have to a sister as my unofficial maid of honour (for handing bouquet to, signing register etc) but that was it, I was fine with it, most of my bezzy mates are in the UK and they have kids it wouldn't have been practical for them to be bridesmaids, hubby has 2 sisters but one has a baby and the other one was a bridesmaid for the sister and I know she didn't enjoy it (she's v quiet and shy) so I just left it, I didn't even care it was all attention on me anyways!! So don't sweat it you don't 'have to' do anything just because tradition dictates.
trance Posts: 3129
Sorry I also meant to say you can involve friends in other ways like readings and prayers of the faithful (if you are getting married in church), I did this plus had a friend taking pics and another taking some video clips (in an unofficial capacity, they wanted to do it!)
Ehappy3 Posts: 6
Thank you all so much, I feel so much better now!! I think i might just stick with the 4..Best of luck to yee all and Im sure ill be back with more questions.. thanks again xx :wv