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Yummum2012 Posts: 122
Salander Posts: 1639
just talk to him and explain you were excited and will wait until he is too. And I would suggest you also go for immunity tests such as rubella and chicken pox etc. I had to get chicken pox vaccine and had to put off trying for 3 months. Once i got the vaccine hubby seemed to get very commited - it was weird only a month to go before we can start trying.
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Nyota, can I ask why you decided to get these tests done? We are planning to conceive after we are married and I haven't heard anything about getting these tests done beforehand.
lovindis Posts: 642
have no experience in the area but wouldnt it be better that ye are both 100% ready than one half ready?? As you say your only 29 so time isnt against you. I say you enjoy Christmas and New Year and bring it up again after the festivities and maybe things might be different then. Best of luck! :wv
lin Posts: 107
It can be a scary thing to commit to. In our case DH was ready one month, then the responsibility of it and the change to our lifestyle seemed to freak him out and he would decide he wanted to leave it for another while. This went on for a while, and then we decided that this was it, we were definitely going to try. Like you, I had thought it would take a while but I got pregnant straight away. When I told DH he went pale, and said he didnt know if he was ready. But when it sunk in (about an hour later!!), he was over the moon and couldnt wait till 3 mths had passed to tell everyone in sight!! Your DH may be the same - the thought of the responsibility and the changes to his life may be freaking him out a bit. I would suggest talking to him and see why he feels that he isnt quite ready.
Salander Posts: 1639
I read it on here in TTC. I hadn't heard of it before either but really glad I got it done. I went to GP and asked for him to check my immunity for rubella etc. Its good to get it done anyway cos if i did get pregnant and hadnt had the chicken pox vaccine it would be a big risk to the baby.
theoracle Posts: 7664
I second what nyota has written. My dd1 got chicken pox and I am PG now and we had a big scare not knowing if I was immune, better safe than sorry.
xwishingx Posts: 600
If you had the chicken pox as a child are you immune? and if you had the rubella vaccine when you were 12 would you still be immune 20 years later or need to get checked?
jill80 Posts: 565
Hi Hope. I really feel for you, as I found myself in a very similiar situation. We were starting to try for kids as soon as we got married, or so I had believed. However on honeymoon DH wasnt ready, said needed a 'few' months. It went on, then when a 'few' months had passed he needed more time. Eventually I got really upset, and I had it all out with him, how patient I had been, how I was doing ll the compromising etc. (at this stage we had been postponing it for almost ten months). It was only when he saw how upset I was that DH went away and thought things through, a little while later(about five days) he came back and said he was scared in many ways but he was as 'ready' as he would ever be. He said he had felt that he was waiting for some jolt that would say,"ah i'm ready now!" but clearly this wouldnt happen. It took him to see how upset I was to realise how important it was to me that we stopped putting it on the long finger. BTW DH loves kids and has talked about us having two or three, he just needed time to come around to 'been ready'. Best of luck! :xox
Salander Posts: 1639
Hi Bride2be Better to get it checked as the rubella one might need topping up.