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mrs mouse Posts: 251
Hi, Just had a quick question here, and to be honest it's bothering me a bit. A few months ago we got some seeds for weed from a friend of ours, and as hubby is big into gardening, grew them, and dried them, and now smoking it's a bothering me abit and i don't know if i'm being prudish or not, and can't feel i can say anything....can anyone advise me here please if i'm being silly, and if it's addictive? Thanks........
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
yes its addictive!!! if it's bothering you say something!!...he may have no idea!.. xx
autumbride Posts: 413
[code:182vchbm]yes its addictive!!! if it's bothering you say something!!...he may have no idea!.. [/code:182vchbm] I agree with rock-n-roll-bride it is h2b use to smoke it a good bit ages ago and it did bother me, I am not against it but it bothered me that he seemed to be smoking loads... I said it to him that i wasn't that comfortable being around him when he was smoking it and he agreeded to stop...know he only smokes it very occassionaly cant even remember the last time he did :)
mrs mouse Posts: 251
thanks for the replies, this is only a recent thing that's started up, it's not that i'm against it, and i guess i'm afraid if i say something i'll look silly, as i've smoked it a few times myself so....think i'm going to hang on for a few weeks, and if he is going smoking it every evening than i'm going to have to say something.....i remember once i heard this story about a guy completly addicted to it that it changed his personality and he just looked dopey all the time, and i couldn't live with that to be honest....
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Yes its as additive as Hash apparently. God I would'nt have the bottle to actually grow the stuff :shock: ,make sure you don't broadcast it as its illegal and if you ever move make sure you take the plant with you ;)
mrs mouse Posts: 251
we haven't told anyone, just him, me, his best friend and a 2 other close friends, and that's it......honest though, do you think i'm worrying over nothing here?
maryc Posts: 118
its not chemically addictive. well known fact-you can be addicted to the tabacco you roll it with but not to the weed itself
Anonymous Posts: 24542
sequined spandex Posts: 80
I would try not to get too upset over it, but ask him to cut back a bit if you like, if it's bothering you that much. I personally would far prefer someone smoking hash/grass than getting blotto on alcohol every night, alcohol can kill you and ruin your life and that of those around you before it kills you, hash or grass won't (it's the nicotine that may do the damage if you smoke it rather than ingest it otherwise) and you won't find any stoners out starting fistfights after a pub either.