Am I being unreasonable?

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Busy Posts: 45
Removed cos person i know browses this website - thanks!
gerbil Posts: 3528
ah it's just that the wedding is next month, i bet. When yours rolls around you'll realise just how much has to be done in those final weeks, and it's hard to focus on someone else's wedding. I bet once she has your brother's out of the way she'll be all over yours O-O but if by any chance you feel she isn't, and enough time has passed since your brother's wedding, do sit down and talk to her about it, you'd be surprised the numbers of posts on here where people feel their families haven't been interested in the wedding - don't let it all mount up.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
I know you feel hurt by this but i think shes probably just got alot on her mind with you brothers wedding coming up so soon, she has her blinkers on, but i bet once thats over she'll start focusing on your wedding, i wouldnt say anything to her yet about it, i bet she doesnt even realise shes doing it so try not dwell on it and just enjoy the run up to your brothers wedding, you can have it like a trial for your own, make note of things you do and dont like and will do differently for your own. hope this helps :wv
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I would wait a bit til the excitement from your brother's wedding settles down. It's only a month or so, and then you'll have your mam all to yourself. Also, keep in mind that if you try to do to much with your own wedding now, it could be seen as "muscling in" by your brother and fsil...and you don't want that. Let them have this time, and then you'll have yours. *)
marianf Posts: 5845
Its just because your brothers wedding is so close. I dont think we realise how much weddings take out of our parents. We got engaged in March 07. My brother was getting married in July 07. When I announced our engagement to my mother, the first thing she said was 'please dont say its this year'! Since my brother got married her attention has totally refocused on me!
Busy Posts: 45
Hi girls thank you so much for the replies, you've really cheered me up! I know thats the reason she says nothing, think i'm being over-sensitive about the whole thing!!! Thanks again :thnk
oh dear Posts: 72
Hi Busy, I think you're bound to be a little disappointed with her reaction but i'm sure its just as the others have said. give her a few months and you might be wishing she'd butt out and allow you to make a few decisions :o0