Any 40th Birthday Present Ideas???

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Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Hi Everyone, I have a bit of a dilema... my H2B is 40 the day we get married.... and I have no idea what to get him for his Birthday. I want it to be really nice, but fun and a big surprise, but not too expensive as we're already spending a fortune on the wedding! I know I'm marrying him and that's a present in itself... lol, but I really need any ideas you guys might have because I'm loosing the plot trying to figure out what to get him. His mother is paying for us to go to Vegas for a week after the wedding as a birthday present for him (which was my idea but she stole it), so now I'm lost for any other idea's. He's not really into anything hobby wise and he has nearly every gadget on the market.... please help... he deserves a really nice pressie, but what to I get him???? Tinker Bell *)
mad woman Posts: 22106
is there anything that you orginise for when ye are on your honeymoon? perhaps a night in one of top top las vegas hotels?
kali Posts: 687
When my dad turned 40 (some time ago) we made a book with old photos of him. in some of them we stuck his head on different bodies doing daft stuff. He was thrilled with it. Another nice gift I saw was a caricature done of someone which included things revelant to his life. It incorporated well known antedotes which had happened to him. It was really funny and different.
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Thanks Guys, I appreciate your help... I might go with the picture thing because I can't do much about the hotel in Vegas as his mother is organising all that... still can't believe she stole my idea... ah well, we can't win them all... Once again thanks for the help.. Tinker Bell *)
mad woman Posts: 22106
what about a show in vegas?
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
A helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
I was just about to suggest a helicopter ride over the Grand Caynon too (good thinking Sparkly mum) - we were in Vegas on our honeymoon and it was amazing - you go over Hover Dam, Down into the Caynon and then as it starts to get dark you fly over the Vegas Strip while all the hotel lights are illumated etc. - Amazing !!!!
MollieO Posts: 301
I found this website and got a certificate thing for a pals 40th Birthday. Might not be what you're looking for but I thought it was a fun novelty gift..
Tinker Bell Posts: 875
Thanks for that girls, I'm going to check out the Helicopter ride over the canyon, and I'm definitley getting the Certificate, it's great considering that H2B has mind full of useless information.... great pressie!! Thanks a million Tinker Bell *)