Being treated like a child

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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi Hopefully you can offer me some advise...or not....not sure really. Perhaps i just need to vent Wanted to go anon on this, i'm a regualr poster to the site but one or 2 people on here know me... Firstly let me just say that i love my H2B to bits we have a great relationship probably the best relationship i ever had, due to get married next year. One some occasions...not all, H2B can be very patronising. On certain things i feel like i need his approval all the time. Like last night..... Our car is being left is to be repaired and will take about 3 or 4 days and his friend who runs a garage has very kindly told us we could borrow a car from his garage until we get ours back. H2B spoke to him last night just to get the details of the car for insurance reasons...anyway...after he got off the phone he came is and said ok done i'll be collecing the loaner car tomorrow, and i need to to be really careful when driving, park it up safely ok? :eek >:o( I was left feeling like i was a 2 yesr old....seriously The reason why the car is beng repaired is because i had a little accident a few months back, so he's naturally assuming i would do the same to this he's flippin mr perfect! He had an accident in my old car, wrote it off and i didn't bat an eyelid at it, i was just glad he was ok... but this one was my fault and he acted like his puppy was killed! O:| And another, my sister was down with her kids and she asked me for a lift i was so sick with the flu, i had to turn her down, H2B asked who rang so i told his it was my sister looking for a lift...before i got to tell him i already said i couldn't he gos....sure look at the time you'll be 2 hours in traffice, you'll never get back...waving his arms, creasing his forehead.. I mean c'mon...... I do be left feeling like i've been told off half the time. Or if i ask his opinion on something, "it's up to you" and if i make my own decision i'm left feeling i've made the wrong one...cause it's wasn't something he decided O:| Oh i'm so frustrated... Like i said this is not always and i wouldn't mind his dad is the exact same way. Last week i actually let it rip at him, telling him to stop acting like he's my dad....just ended with me going off in a strop Please tell me i'm just being too sensitive on this one or is there other relationships like this?
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
PM'd u :wv
sillymoo Posts: 337
ive a similar problme, my h2b talks to me like that too, ive started ignoring him now, and that annoys him lol Just keep talking to him! He might cop on and reralise you're an adult, but the thing with it is he probably worries about you and that is how he shows it?
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
[color=darkred:3j9fnrfw]Ah darling, I would say you need to have a good long look at your relationship and have a very long talk with him. You're obviously not happy the way he speaks to you, and he needs to know this and be aware of it and to stop it. If he doesn't I would suggest you think long and hard about whether he is the right man for you.[/color:3j9fnrfw]