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Applepie Posts: 4
I know i shouldnt have but i was flicking through my h2bs mobile (its got nothing to do with trust, im just a noisy cow!) when i came across a text he sent to two different friends asking did they have any "cola" at first i thought it a bit strange thing to be asking then i copped on to what he meant as in a line of coke, i was quite taken aback as i knew he did some drugs years ago so that same evening i came up with a story saying that someone told me recently that his friend was really into drugs and so got talking about it and i asked h2b if he has taken any recently and he said he hasnt done it in years. Of course i couldnt say well i seen your text message asking for some! He could have been asking for it for someone else but im just not 100% sure, what do you think?
Gone2007 Posts: 4182
You've seen with your own eyes that he has been looking for it lately, maybe it was the first time he went looking in ages and he actually hasn't taken it in years but that is really really giving him the benefit of the doubt. Is there any reason why he would lie to you about it? Are you very anti-drugs?
cleopatra Posts: 154
does sound a bit suspicious. Can't say I have any advise though, unless you keep an eye on him?
Applepie Posts: 4
Hi girls, i wouldnt say im very anti-drugs but i just think that at this stage in his life to be getting back involved with it is just stupid and he knows that i wouldnt approve now. I know he has been very very stressed out at work but at the same time this is no excuse for it.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
oct06corkbride Posts: 138
I look through htb's messages aswell and in front of him, he reads mine too. Maybe he was looking for some for a friend? You'd know if he was taking it i'd say...
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
i would defo say something to him. i would interpret "cola" as being coke. Was he texting friends looking for it or were people texting him???
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Dont wanna be mean but I'd say he does it but pretends to you he doesnt! I know a few fella's who hide it from their other halves because they dont like it. They just keep it quiet so they dont get an ear bashing. Coke is everywhere these days, alot of people wont go drinking without it!
PinkLady07 Posts: 399
I don't think u should let him know that u looked thru his texts, I know some of u say that you look thru each others but I do think that an invasion of privacy. I would have no secrets from H2B but I would not like him to read texts from friends or family, if it's something funny or something like that I'd read it out to him as I read it myself. On ur next night out with him just watch out for signs and if you think he is doing it, confront him the next day about it!
miss sixty Posts: 467
Applepie Im going to be blunt here honey (sorry) but I think you already know that he wouldnt be bothered getting cocaine for a friend if he wasnt into that scene anymore. [quote:35p3f98c]when i came across a text he sent to two different friends [b:35p3f98c]asking [/b:35p3f98c]did they have any "cola" [/quote:35p3f98c] I would be in the same line of thinking as yourself as regards starting back into that crap at this stage of life.........we grow up and move on to being an adult with responsibilities. Take a deep breath and sit him down later with the telly off, and look him straight in the eyes and tell him you looked through his texts. Tell him you saw the messages asking for cola and your gravely concerned for him and possibly the implications it has for your relationship. Listen intently but beware he will probably try to worm out of it with a lame excuse. Stay strong and nip this in the bud before it does damage to your relationship.....cos it will eventually (I know this from experience with friends and their partners) [quote:35p3f98c]Coke is everywhere these days, alot of people wont go drinking without it![/quote:35p3f98c] Sad but its true. IMO anybody that has to incorporate cocaine or any other drug into their socail life has major insecurities and hang-ups about themselves. [quote:35p3f98c]You'd know if he was taking it i'd say... [/quote:35p3f98c] From what Iv heard it can be very difficult to tell if somebody it taking cocaine. SIL suspected her hubby was at it for months and only caught him cos there was a residue of powder around the inside of his nose! One tell tale is if on a night out he can sink pints and not appear to be getting drunk. I feel sorry for you honey but you have to meet this head on, dont attempt to sweep it under a rug. Let us know how you get on. xxxxx