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Anonymous Posts: 24542
PinkLady07 Posts: 399
I just think it is nosey to read them.. THats my opinion! IF u have permission then fair enough it's not an "invasion" I don't have any juicy texts except from h2b but I still wouldn't like people to read them.
Phoenix Posts: 836
Hey Applepie.... It sounds to me (and I don't want to upset you) that he was looking for some coke..."Cola" definatly translates to coke. You should really just talk to him about it...don't want to get all Psych 101 on you but if you can't talk about such a big issue as this can you talk to him about a wedding and spending the rest of your lives together. I just really think that this is the sort of thing you should get out in the open before saying your vows....not that me and H2B are perfect but we can talk about anything in the world. That's just my humble opinion..if I were in your shoes I would definatly be planning to talk to him about it. Don't forget you can always talk to the wollies about it!!!
Shivers25 Posts: 271
Hey Applepie, I know this probably sounds sneaky but I would leave it a while and check his messages again just to see if you come across anything more concrete. As for it being an invasion of privacy...well if your gonna marry this guy then I think you have a right to know if he is taking drugs and if he is taking coke behind your back well in my book thats worse than reading through his texts. If you do find something else defo confront him and tell him you went through his phone and came across these messages. If he freaks about you going through his phone then I would definitely be suspicious......I have no problem with my h2b going through my phone as I have nothing at all to hide and likewise with him! Good Luck and let me know how things work out x
Ladybirds Posts: 445
Just this past summer my eyes have been opened to cocaine use. I must have been so blind to it. A close friend who I socialise with a lot has been at it for years and only recently I'd copped on to what he was doing. He's got everything going for him, great job, buying a house with his long term girlfriend. Seems to be a happy person with not many problems, cherry, life and soul of the party. Future all mapped out in my opinion. He's a totally different person to me now and I've lost all respect for him, and I would have no respect for someone who does coke or any hard drugs. Give your H2B an ultimatum. What he's doing, and theres not much doubt there, is illegal, dangerous and just plain stupid. Tell him you saw the messages and he has to tell you the truth.
mammybean Posts: 10364
wow not an easy one, applepie your mind must be going through the ringer. I agree with the others though. its definately looking like he was talking about coke. I would kill h2b if i thought he was doing grugs. but we always look through each others messages. wed even joke about it, if he is taking ages id say there arent that many and he ight say oh im looking at the sent ones now. he knows wevery detail about my friends and their problems. even they know he knows it is about sharig everything. I might go to tell him something or he tell me and wed be" ya i know i saw the message" Anyway if he was that worried about you seeing them he should have deleted them. I do think that you need to talk to him, you cant marry him if this is on your mind. Total honesty is what is needed and it certainly isnt going on here! We are all here for you but you need to confront it
miss sixty Posts: 467
[quote:2f11fgtm]Your poor SIL having to examine her DH nose! How did she manage to convince him to let her do that??[/quote:2f11fgtm] Whatever was he was standing across from her she just noticed he had a white brimmed nostril......she didnt have to go picking or anything :lol: :lol: :lol: He was caught rotton after lying for ages. I have come across more people in the last few months who are spending their wages on it every weekend..........people you wouldnt even dream about doing stuff like that. Its becoming a massive problem in Irish society. I was in a pub i galway one night and there was vasaline plastered all over the top of the cistern of the toilet in order to prevent people from snorting coke :shock: and it was not a rough pub either...quite the opposite.
maryc Posts: 118
would definitely say he is taking coke. Its amazing the number of guys I know who do it on a very regular basis and their wives/girlfriends have absolutely no idea :shock:
mama2E Posts: 670
I think the main point is Why is he hiding this from you????????? I would be so devasted if h2b was keeping stuff from me (sorry pet harsh I know) but its a line of coke not a truck load of the stuff!!!!!!!!! I am anti - drugs and fags (reformed smoker) but h2b still puffs away and u know thats his choice and totally love him regardless - but if he was sneaking fags and hiding the fact he was having a few sneaky ones i'd be pissed off - I think that no - ones perfect and if your other half is up to mischeive at least if you know about it its not so bad. Hope you see my point - get things out in the open your hubby will feel much more relieved too - he probably hates hiding it from u!!!
Applepie Posts: 4
Hi Girls, thanks for all your replies and good advise, i had a good talk to him last nite and explained about seeing the text message and he promised me that it wasnt for him that it was for one of his friends that was out with him that nite and the reason h2b was asking for it was because he knows the guy who was supplying it. He swears on his life that he isnt doing drugs! I feel so much better now that we talked it through! Thanks again girls!!