Best sex ever - not with your H2B?

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Gone2007 Posts: 4182
Between the How Kinky Are You and the Annabel's reminiscing thread I was put wondering - what was the best ever?! And I'm deliberately leaving out the H2Bs/DHs coz we know they are wonderful and sexy and we love them and........................yawn! :lol: Coz I met H2B so young I don't have much to write home about but mine would be the boy I wrote about in the other thread. The night after his debs, I knew he was heading off to London the next day and that would be the end of it but we still did the deed for the first time. We stayed in his friends flat, and it was the first time I had sex in a bed! No rushing, able to take out time :mrgreen: Ahh the memories!
Little Kitty Posts: 914
probably with a boyf before I moved to Dublin. We had been dating on and off through secondary school for 4 years & we had broken up. However we never slept together in that time (a bit young started dating him in 1st yr!!). It was v rocky we spend all our time fighting, making up etc. I was absolutely in love with him and thought I'd never ever be able to get over him. But anyhow I met up with him by accident in a pub in my local town before I moved and he walked me home. We got talking then one thing led to another and we ended up getting down to it in the downstairs loo of his house!!! It wasn't a small bathroom thank god as his family hse was quite big so loads of space!!! It was great as it was the first time we did it and the thought that his mam or Dad could walk in just added to the naughtiness!!! I haven't seen him since then and that was nearly 10 yrs ago, but took away a nice memory though!!!
MadameKinky Posts: 222
other than DH, i would have to say an old college friend. I had known this quy the whole way through college as a friend. After college, we ended up in jobs in the same city when most of our friends moved to another city. We never dated but after a very nasty breakup of a relationship i was in he was a nice shoulder to cry on. On night after me crying again, him telling me i was beautiful, funny etc etc and both of us consuming a little to much drink, well one thing led to another and we ended up in bed. I swear to god, it was the most amazing night, i would never have put this quy in the absolutely amazing in bed category but i guess you just never know. We never repeated it, why i actually don't know, i think possibly because i wasn't ready. He moved away shortly afterwards and we lost contact, i do wonder sometimes whether he wanted more and just didn't want to say so. Met my DH 2 years later and never looked back and he is amazing!
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
First year college – right before meeting H2B, my exes flat mate (it was meant to be our anniversary but he had dumped me for a my mate) – All I can say is that I won in the end – actually I won 7 times that night :D
clucky Posts: 26471
one week holiday romance in tenerife - which i have never ever told anyone about until now oh god he was amazing
clarabell Posts: 62
well other than my DH, there was this guy I was seeing for a few months.......but kept sleeping with for about 2 years (untill i met my sexy DH). Girls, i'm telling you this guy was amazing in bed !!!!! still get a bit weak at the knees when i think about it. :P
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i have only ever been with h2b so i dont know if i am missing anything :oops:
Anonymous Posts: 24542
blondebride08 Posts: 317
[quote:1rl5ss11]i have only ever been with h2b so i dont know if i am missing anything :oops:[/quote:1rl5ss11] same here - no complaints ;)
aoife1 Posts: 333
every guy I slept with before H2B was crap. It was all about them and no interest in me, or else lack of knowledge about women! While I had some great fun, none of them rocked my world so to speak!! :lol: I heard a great saying once in a movie. "Sex is like chinese food, it's not over until you've both got your cookies!" :lol: