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Pseudoname Posts: 4
Hi, A few months ago I found out about my h2b using online dating sites and texting other women. There was also an instance of infedility. Obviously it was very stressful and emotional at the time but we have tried to work through it. He has gotten rid of his computer and changed his phone in a bid to show me that he will not be tempted down that route again. He also did a number of counselling sessions. I do believe that he is on the straight and narrow, but I still feel that dread/anxiety/suspicion if he goes for a night out with the lads, or is texting on his phone etc. I dont show it outwardly to him and I know a lot of this is deamons from a past relationship of mine (where I wasnt treated well) as well as the hurt from a few months ago. Anyway, with my practical head on, I think the best thing for me to do is to go to a counsellor to vent and get my insecurities off my chest and hopefully get a bit of perspective and rationality to how I am feeling. But in reality, Counsellors are so expensive and money is so tight on the ground, it is a luxury that I cant afford.Feel like Im in a bit of a rut. Has anyone got any other suggestions / practical advice? Thanks
honeypot Posts: 278
Accord work on a donation basis, so you only have to give what you can afford. You can attend individually or as a couple AFAIK.
Little L Posts: 163
Sorry to hear what you're going through, it sounds rough. Maybe you could write it all down, like regularly write every single thing down on paper, all the emotions you dont like and dont even like thinking about. Its cathartic and can give perspective.
Pseudoname Posts: 4
Thanks for your advice girls. I have emailed accord and I'll make an appointment. Writing stuff down is a great idea. I am going to start that too. I see another wollie is going the same thing from her post-will I forget?-. Why are men such selfish gits? They make the girls they supposedly love feel inadequate and alone. It makes me sad