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aston Posts: 4100
clucky Posts: 26471
oh i sympathise i hate the sundays when he is in a jock with a hangover and the whole day is a write off. if you both work during the week then no it is not too much to ask to spend some of the weekend together. they just dont get it the big eejits. O:| O:| definitely sit down and explain to him that your weekends should be spent partly together that what bothers you is that he had friday and saturday night with the lads and sunday afternoon could have been easily spent with you. It sounds like you have had this issue before but he is still not getting the point. i think a sit down conersation is needed where you explain what bothers you about this and get your point across calmly gobshites the whole lot of them :roll:
aston Posts: 4100
clucky Posts: 26471
not in the slightest
aston Posts: 4100
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
three days on the lash it takes so long to recover too! it will be mid week before he's back to normal thats what I always find! You're not overreacting at all.
graceanne Posts: 631
Defo talk to him. i see you have just passed the year mark and I know myself and H2B had a few freak outs around then cos of his behaviour. But after we "really" talked about the situationI found out that he really wasn't intentionally being an ass but he used any excuse to spend time with the lads cos he felt everything was going to change. We decided to have our time with our friends as well as spending time with each other but we planned the time with our friends in advance. don't mean to hijack but may you could use this approach. It worked for me cos after him saying form ages that he felt too young to have kids, this weekend he told me he had changed his mind and he would love to have them ans settle down - total turnaround from 3 motnhs ago..Really Aston, I thinkit is just the year thing. Good Luck ;o)
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Aston, when i met my H2B i was the one who was going out on Sat night, Sunday afternoon, he doesnt drink. He hated it as we couldnt do anything. He sat me down and said that as we get so little time together he wanted to do things at weekend, and if i was hungover i was in no mood. I totally saw his point, and now i actually rarely drink. We go places at weekend and have a great time. Sit down with H2B and have another talk, men are much harder to get through to. There is not point doing it if he is drunk or hungover as he wont listen. Good luck men can be so stubborn and i know its so frustrating, but dont worry you are not overreacting, you are dead right to want to spend some quality time together.
survivor Posts: 2507
Although I see your point completely and would definitely sit him down for a chat, I don't think this week is the time to do it. He'll have the All Ireland final excuse. Its only once a year blah blah blah. You could be fighting a losing battle. I'd wait until he does it again, or plans to.
deisebabe Posts: 740
You are not over re acting in the slightest I had the excat same argument this weekend.BF went out on his own fri night and we went out sat night.I was drove sat night so he got very drunk. we went off sun with his litle fella up to his sister,on the way home he rang his brother to see if he was going to pub so he could get a spin home.I usually get mad at this stage but i didn't this time.when we got home i said look you have been out on fri and sat can you please stay home tonight,he said you are right and he did.I have tried this before and he has sulked but last night he was fine and this morning he said i was right and he was glad he didn't go out. I told him i'm always right and not to forget You are definately not alone think every woman has this argument weather its GAA,Socce or Golf