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Calla Lilly Posts: 183
At work! Didn't say much to me at first but I was friends was a friend of his, went out in the same gang on 2 x different nights but nothing happened, lots of flirting! Anyways, he kissed me on a Thursday, told me that I was the one for him on Sunday and 5 years later, married with baby on the way. I know you might think 4 days isn't long to figure out that the person you are with is the one for you BUT let me tell you my hubby's favourite line if his friends asked him about a girl was "Sure I wasn't going out with her"....he kissed a girl for about 4 months before he met me (and not long before that), when he kissed another girl in front of her he said "Sure I wasn't going out with you" telling me that I was the one was a BIG deal.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I met him and kissed him for the first time at a valentines teenage disco when we were both 13! We ended up as best friends (me secretly in love with him) for 3 years and we've been together ever since! We can both still remember our first dance, what we talked about and what we were wearing! me - black skirt, liverpool zip up top, nike air max and bit white socks! Oh the shame
Crazy bird Posts: 47
You know Joey from friends line 'how u doin???' well my OH slid (yes slid) up to me in my local bar and said that ...honestly the chemistry was unreal and even though it was chessy as hell and our first date took two weeks to happen. :lvs We have been inseparable ever since...we had mutal friends and i lived in Dubai but was i back for the summer, suffice to say i went back two months later packed my stuff back and moved back to the UK, havent looked back since ( except when its raining !!!) thought i was in love before but now I know what true ever lasting love is :xox PS we watch friends every day now I have two dvd box sets and know every episode off by heart ..never gets old :o)ll
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
He was sort of friends with my (asshole) ex and we got talking one night I was out with the ex and we got on really well and that was that, about a year later me and ex broke up and my friend dragged me out for a night out, OH came up to start chatting with me and told me he was glad I had broke up with the ex and that I was brave for doing it. So we all went back to mine for a party and he came up and asked for a kiss, he ended up staying over (not for >:o) just no taxis) and the next day we had the most amazing conversation where we just clicked, and I said he could have that kiss if he wanted, and we have been inseparable ever since!
gottabfp Posts: 5641
I love this thread , all the love :lvs :lvs
Mari yay Posts: 4045
His friend used to deliver where I work and pestered me for months that he had a friend who wanted my number! I said no for ages then one day he rang and said, no seriously my friend really wants your number so I gave in! OH texted me that evening!! We arranged our first date for the following Sat, and that was it, been together for 2 years and getting married in 8 months and I adore him and he adores me!
pinkydee Posts: 137
We met when we were 5 at primary school but my family moved to London when I was 10 and I didn't see him again for over 20 years when he was in London visiting a mutual friend. We all went for a night out, and we got on really well even though he was really shy. This was July. He was living in Galway, I was in London but our parents were in Leitrim and I was going home every month to see them. He got my number from a friend and we went out in a group once and then on our own to the cinema but he was so shy I wasn't sure if he liked me! But that Stephens night we met up and his best friend got us together and the rest is history. We did a long distance thing for over 18 months and got married in December and now can't imagine my life without him. :lvs
chiara k Posts: 97
Lovin' all the romance here, god bless the pubs, seems to be a popular place to :yelrotflmaosmilie:
miss shimmer Posts: 453
I met my Oh on holidays three years ago, he was working over there at the time so we didn't get together properly until he came home a few month later, sort of a holiday romance I suppose :)
daisy2012 Posts: 619
We met in Australia! Went to a house party with thei girls and OH answered the door and handed me a beer... it was love at first sight! Turned out he lived 5 mins away from me at home... worked out well that! :)