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sunyday Posts: 57
We meet in 6th year in school. he was the boys school and i was at the girls school. I had been to the gaeltacht that summer with a group of friends and we all became friendly with this group of fellas who were from the same areas we were all from. h2be wasnt there but his cousin was. so when school started we met back up with this group of fellas and h2b was with them. I didnt really pass much remarks of him at the time. But he got my number from his cousin, txted me and 9 and 1/2 years later we are gettin married in 4 months!! cant wait to be his wife :xox xxx
Chelli Posts: 11
The summer after leaving cert...met him through a friend and we were only friends. Went to college, in same faculty...great mates but that was al. we were both going out with other people all through college. Fancied each other from afar. Then one drunken night we scored and the rest is history!
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
MossysMissus Posts: 16
We met on a train! We happened to be sitting beside each other and he had a pack of cards!! We played cards and talked all the way and arranged to meet up on the return journey. That was 9 yrs ago this April! :xox
cher15 Posts: 8
hey! I met my bloke at uni - he was a friend of a friend. I really liked him as soon as I met him but decided to 'play it cool' no doubt wasn't very cool but 7.5 years later we are engaged! still can't quite believe it! cxx O:o)
Trixiechick Posts: 3
Hi, I am normally a bit of a lurker round here, but I just had to register to answer this one! We met at a funeral :-8 - got chatting on the steps of the church afterwards and then met him again a few weeks later at my friend's house! How bad is that? lol
Tir Chonaill Bride Posts: 283
[color=#800080:l1gj9ku9]I :lvs :lvs :lvs this thread!! I met him on a mad girly holiday in Ibiza, he was staying in the same apartments. At home We actually only lived 5 mins walk from each other, in the same area, we would go to the same bars etc. We had never met each but we had common friends and he knew alot of my family!! It was really freaky! We didnt swap numbers on hols, we slept in for our flight and had to run! I met his friends a week later in a local bar and 5 years later the rest is history! [/color:l1gj9ku9]
Sonas 2013 Posts: 57
I joined a social website and met a great friend through it 2 years ago. She and I hit it off from day one. She was single (as was I) and she quickly met her SO 'B' through a dating website. When they had been going out for a few weeks they felt it was time for each other to meet each others friends. I met B's friends (my SO being one of them) and just clicked with him. We'd all go out drinking and he'd always walk me to the bus at the end of the night to see me safely home. He was a complete gent, never tried his luck, haha... We only became a couple at the end of last year, I've kissed my fair share of frogs and have never felt what I feel with SO before :-8
Chillaxed Posts: 583
we were set up by friends. i was dying with a hangover as had gone out 'for one' the night before but managed to drag myself along to the pub....thank god i did! i had a habit of going for the bad boys before and thought i only dated over 6 foot! but now i have the best boyfriend ever and he is only an inch taller than me!(5'6") and it is all brilliant. cant wait to become Mrs K!!! :compress :compress :compress :compress
Sassypants Posts: 4461
We met in Bruxelles, the rocker pub off Grafton Street in Dublin. I had just broken up with what I thought was the love of my life and fancied a bit of rough, but just for one night!! 3 years and one fantastic wedding later we are happy out :wv