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Squarehead Posts: 147
He worked in the bank branch across from the office I worked in. Used to go in to cash my wages cheque :-8 And one day he asked me out to lunch.... Must have been for my money.... :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie:
April13 Posts: 635
I kissed his best friend and went to meet his bf de next day for a social-able one and met him, his bf went home shortly after :innocent: so then me and h2b went to disco and all that night but i decided to go off to a house party wit 1 of my friends :hic :hic :hic (come home 3 days later) charged phone and h2b had txted.... we went for a meal de following weekend and de rest is history!!!!!!! :heartbeat:
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
I met my now husband in school, yes i kid you not in school, we were both in leaving cert when we had our first kiss at my hubbys 18th birthday party :-8 :o0 We had been friends for a while before that. We have been together 11 years now, married almost 1. Love him to bits still :lvs
mamam Posts: 724
I met my DH in a nite club nearly 11 years ago we were both fairly :hic we couldnt remember what each other looked like his friend knew one of my friends and we got introduced properly sober the next time we met :o0 11 years later we are married 4 years and have 2 beautiful children :lvs
MrsBran2Be Posts: 123
Met my H2B in Quinn's after a Dublin match! We're a very classy couple!! :innocent: We're both from the same area and would have drank in the same pub, but he's 5 years older than me, so I probably wasn't at all impressed with him and his drunken mates if I ever saw them!
micls Posts: 1156
We've been friends since we were kids. Hung around in the same 'gang' as teenagers, became quite close friends. Went to his grads, as friends, and he asked me to be 'more than friends' on my 17th birthday. I panicked and said no I didn't want to risk the friendship, he was gutted. 2 months later after realising how ridiculous I was being and telling my friends, one of them text him off my phone pretending to be me setting up a 'date'. Oh the childishness :D First date was the cinema, with 5 of my friends, watching Maid in Manhattan :-8 Together 8 years now.
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Met my OH many moons ago through a friend when I was in secondary school..but he was in college. I fancied :lvs him from the [b:2hst608b]second[/b:2hst608b] I laid eyes on him but nothing happened. I was 17 at the time and I thought he was way out of my league, waaay too cool, always had model-esque girlfriends and was gorgeous!! Myself and my friend did up a list of our 'top 10 men' who we fancied and my DH was no.1 on mine!!! He was on her list too if I remember rightly, haha!! So funny now when I look back on it!! :o0 We both ended up going out with other people but I always, always fancied the pants off him. Obviously nothing ever happened as we were with other people at that time. Then one night, after we had both broken up with our ex's, we were chatting in the local pub. Turned out he had fancied me from the minute he had laid eyes on me too but always thought he would never get me! We didn't even kiss that first night. We just talked and talked and talked and talked. It wasn't until the next night, when we went on a proper 'date' that we kissed and I haven't stopped kissing him since!!!! We fell madly in love and still are madly in love. :xox I can honestly loved him from the minute I laid eyes on him back in my teens. Being with him is just the most amazing thing in the world. We are 3 years married and have the most perfect amazing wonderful DD, who is the image of her daddy. I am truly blessed to have fallen in love with the most gorgeous man, both inside and out. I don't know what he sees in me, but whatever it is, thank God he sees it! :lvs
roisinbunny Posts: 419
Ah girls, I love this thread.. makes you feel all warm & fuzzy!! :lvs :lvs :lvs We're a bit cliched, in that we met in a nightclub after a big rugby match! Strange thing was that he was a bestfriend of one of my best male friends for years but we had just never met. Thought he was so arrogant initially. Came up & stood beside me & a fella who I was [u:20153qt9]attempting[/u:20153qt9] to chat up and just put out his hand to shake mine and said "hi, I'm Robert's friend. You must be Roisin". Shook my hand and then stayed standing there, til the other fella took the hint! He turned out to be a big soft cuddly bear though on the inside & getting married in a few months :xxx
Bellacay Posts: 10
I met him at a work function. As I am widdowed I didn't know how to deal with being chatted up so kept blowing him off even though I thought he was really cute. He offered to walk me to my bus and tried to kiss me but I pulled away. I felt really bad about this and it was playing on my mind so a few weeks later (After alot of thinking and encouragement from friends etc) I searched for him on the company website and got his email address. Sent him an appology email and he responded. We emailed for a while and then swapped numbers but it took about 3 months before I built up the courage to go on a date with him!!!!! :-8
Rosycheeks08 Posts: 7
I met my h2b on the I Love website as it was at the time, think it's no longer in existence. We had both winked at each other but then nothing for about 3 months. At this stage I was fed up with the site with the same old lines and the same conversation with every new person you were chatting to on it. In the end I said 'Hi, if you want to meet up for a chat, here is my number'. And he did! Our first date was ice-skating which was great until I fell and nearly broke my kneecap! However, we did spend several hours chatting in the coffee shop at the ice rink so it was probably a blessing in disguise. Mind you, he slags me now about not being able to get a word in edge-ways at the time! The rest is history! I am marrying my best friend and the love of my life in two months time, I can't wait! There don't seem to be many people that have met on dating websites, anyone else out there? Mind you, my h2b doesn't broadcast the fact, he told the priest that we met on a blind date! Which I suppose technically it was :yelrotflmaosmilie: