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maxicosi Posts: 576
Dublinredhead I love your story I would never use a dating website for fear of the unknown but your story is so sweet
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Dublinredhead, Snap! DH and I met on connecting singles as well! I was seeing a guy that I really liked but it wasn't going anywhere so one night I randomly decided to try the whole internet dating thing, had a look on the websites, saw this nice looking Brazilian guy living in the midlands and set up my profile willing him to get in touch. I wasn't sure about making the first move :-8 Luckily he did and we spent some time emailing through the site and then talking on the phone. After about ten days he asked me to meet him. I remember thinking as I was driving to meet him that I could be in trouble with this one, as in I was going to really like him and I didn't want to get burnt. Met up for our first date (dinner and a walk) in Sligo and had a wee kiss. Had two more dates and then he moved in with me! This was May 2010 and we got married in May 2011 and again in Brazil earlier this month! Quite fast but we're in our mid to late 30s and figured we knew a good thing when we saw it! He is the most amazing man I've ever known - I'd lived with my ex for 12 years and it doesn't come close to the depth of feeling I have for DH :lvs
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Snap Shumbles! - whirlwind here too! Met dh and married him within a year. Married a few years now :lvs We met when I went out somewhere I had never been before. He had also just randomly decided to go to this place (from the other side of the world I might add!) and boom - thought he was the finest thing I ever saw!! :o0 I just 'knew' when I met him he was the one. I know that sounds like such a cliche (and believe me I was the biggest non-believer of all that stuff!) but its true. Really wasnt looking for anyone and hey presto he just appeared! :o0