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sunshine girl Posts: 2
is it normal to have doubts?!! hey fellow b2b's, just wondering if I am only one having doubts before the big day? love my h2b but all the financial pressure of wedding putting us under pressure. also I am worried as there hasnt been any passion in our relationship for last 2 years and am scared I am going to regret getting married, even though I cant imagine living without him. :o(
sunshine girl Posts: 2
Thank you so much for the advice, my heart goes out to you and I hope things are working out for you now. I think I have some serious things to think about. Chat soon.
july0508 Posts: 8
You are not alone....... Only last night and today I am wondering if this is the way I want to spend my next 50+ yrs. I love my H2B with all my heart and I'm no 16 yr old (33 with an 8yr old daughter!) We met online and I can honestly say I didn't know what I was missing until I met him...... BUT..... I have realised we are different, I want to talk about things and he doesn't! I feel every issue needs "airing and discussing" and he thinks I'm criticizing him.. for example... I do intend to change my name after we get married as we hope to have future children and I would like us to all have same name... BUT.... I have an 8 yr old with a double barreled name of her Dad's and mine (she has full contact with her Dad) and I don't want to "leave her behind". She assumes I will change name and I haven't even told her there is an option! Has anybody had similar experiences,, Am I panicking over nothing? Is it a Mars V's Venus situation?? I need to know he can listen to my point of view without being criticised, it's no reflection on him, just something I have to work out myself..... Any suggestions??