How do you get on with your colleagues?

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River Posts: 845
Started a new job within the same organisation so I have different colleagues. I'm working with a woman who is much older than me and whom I have nothing in common with. Trying to make conversation is like trying to get blood from a stone. I'm feeling very disheartened by her indifferent attitude as I had a brilliant relationship with the people that I used to work with. We got on great and there was alway a bit of craic too. This woman is my only real contact during the day now and the thoughts of working with her is getting me down.
clucky Posts: 26471
i get on ok with the people in the office the other girl here is only here a month and she is a dote there is another new girl starting monday and the lads who work upstairs are lovely but very quiet as they are mad busy (2 of them doing the work of 4) i get on extremely well with my female boss (the owner) she loves me i hate the accountant and he is not my biggest fan but as he cannot complain about my work he stays out of my way the 2 other bosses are lovely (2 brothers) and as long as you smile and agree with everything they say its good but the best craic in here is with the lads we have out on the road when they ring or drop in they have me in stitches constantly i have worked in offices before with mainly women and i hated it - the bitchiness and the backstabbing i would pick blokes any day
River Posts: 845
[quote:itxua1c6]i have worked in offices before with mainly women and i hated it - the bitchiness and the backstabbing [/quote:itxua1c6] I work in all female environment. I guess the best thing is to keep my head down and mouth shut and get on with working! One less invite for the wedding anyway.
007 Posts: 1462
the people you work with make such a difference dont they? this time last year (in the same job) we had a great bunch of people, great craic and the work was still done.. now its horrific.. bitching, snide remarks and boring sods.. ive gone from loving it, to looking for something else...
River Posts: 845
[quote:mdfjw8wz]ive gone from loving it, to looking for something else...[/quote:mdfjw8wz] I know. Would you move jobs so close to the wedding though? I turned down another job closer to home too because the money in this job is better. I'm so sorry now that I didn't go with my gut instinct. The job I wanted doesn't come up too often but I was swayed by money given the year that's in it with paying for the wedding.
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
The type of profession i'm in means that it's mostly male dominated and to be honest, i'd much prefer it. There's 2 other girls that i work with now and it's a lovely balance - about 70:30 'cos i've girls to talk to about girlie stuff, go shopping at lunch and just chat about weddings 'n stuff. Then the guys completely tkae the piss out of us and there's loads of laughing and slagging, so i think i like it this way. I worked with a whole office of women in a place before and they were complete cows. I'd never be included in conversations and would be excluded from lunch/after work outings. It really got to me but to be hoenst, you could get a bunch of all women and they could be total dotes. It just depends where you're working I suppose.
MrsWire2b Posts: 335
I love my colleagues (well the onese I work alongside of - there are several cliques of people I wouldn't be bothered if I'd never met). We get along so well. We're all mostly about the same age and have such a laugh together. I'm really going to miss them when we all go our separate ways next month :(
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I am really lucky with the people I work with, have great craic and a couple of them have become really good friends. Having said that there are still one or two that bug the hell out of me
deisebabe Posts: 740
Work in a mixed office about 50:50 its grand except for one girl.she is bitch snappy and rude. Were in a technical support centre and we all help each other out checking up on things,double checking orders. One of the girls asked her something the other day and she snapped back what do you think I am a mind reader!!! Like WTF if she said it to me I'd kill her O:| Her manager never gives out to her or anything. O:| >:o( O:| >:o(
007 Posts: 1462
[quote:1wj0i83m]I know. Would you move jobs so close to the wedding though?[/quote:1wj0i83m] this is my problem river, i dont want to jump with all the wedding madness on but 6 mts is a long time to be miserable too :cry: