i feel ????

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happilywed Posts: 638
deleted :wv
Doggysmile Posts: 188
I think you already know how you SHOULD feel but we dont always manage to feel the way we should. I think Id also feel a bit put out but hes going anyway so try to be happy for him getting away from home during his hols even if you dont get to. Plan something nice for yourself, a good night out with the girls or if cash is an issue, invite them over for dinner and wine. Dont let him think for a second that you are sore about him going, its not his fault he has a conference so dont take the fun out of it for him.
Jeremy Kyle Posts: 20
Why don't you just go with him?
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Can you rearrange your holidays so he goes to the conference during work time?
happilywed Posts: 638
sadly the weeks im tking are the only 2 weeks available and ive had them booked for quite a while...i know i should just be happy he's getting to learn something he's really interested in ...thats mainly why i said ok to him going but now im guess im just feeling sorry for myself (typical me) i wouldn't go with him as its not in the most glamorous location so id just b spending all day everyday sitting in a hotel room basically the exact same thing im going to end up doing at home only it won't cost us money we don't have ...i guess i just have to get over it and cop on ...maybe i will have the girlds over or try arrange something :-8