I'm married and I miss my ex-boyfriend.

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jocelynevans Posts: 1
I’m married to the love of my life. My husband is very kind and understanding. We don’t have any kids yet but life is still great with just me and my husband. However, there are times that I miss my ex-boyfriend. I had a boyfriend whom I met at an international dating blog. We lasted 4 years but had to go our separate ways when he fell in love with another woman. I had to let him go because I was so hurt. Perhaps, I never really healed from the pain I went through. Later on, I met my husband and he has always taken care of me. But what he doesn’t know is that there are very few moments when I miss my ex. Does any of you feel this way? Missing an ex even when you’re married?
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
It is more than likely Rose Tinted Glasses. You are remembering things with Nostalgia and at certain times you may be wondering if you made the right call. Sometimes it can be that the one you're with treats you the way you should be treated but you've been conditioned to think you don't deserve it and then we think they are too nice or "boring". But remember he fell in love with someone else; he was possibly never fully in it with you whereas you said your husband is.