Inviting work collegues to your wedding??

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bridgieb Posts: 113
Hello all, I'm in the middle of finalising our wedding list, and this is my predicament. I've been working in my current job for a little over one year & I'm a member of a management team of 8. What is the correct etiquette when inviting people from work. Should I just invite the two most senior managers plus partners and invite everyone else to the evening part... Or should I invite the 8 without partners? What makes matters worse is that one of the girls from work got married last year and invited everyone to the full wedding, so I think they are kind of expecting it. Would love to hear what outcomes some of you wollies came to. As always thanks in advance, :thnk
October_2007 Posts: 937
In my office, it tends to be senior management and their partners that get invited. An evening invitation is usually extended to the rest of the office however no one tends to go! I dont think you feel you should have to invite your work colleagues though. Edited to say I didnt invite anyone from my office to my wedding :o0
bridgieb Posts: 113
Thanks for the reply, My H2B has the same view as yourself - its just so hard when you work in a small office and people are constantly asking you for up-dates on the wedding planning. I suppose you can't invite everyone.
ms crooner Posts: 621
I have same problem. I work in a team of 6. I am working for the company for 3 years, one member only joined the company in October and proving to be a B****, one I get on grand with but would not consider her friend material and the other 3 well we have been together from the start. I just don't know what to do, its a hard call... O:|
smurfette_ Posts: 61
I would think it odd to invite work colleagues without partners. Have you tried the old 'It's an intimate wedding' line and not invite any of them?
bridgieb Posts: 113
After further thought on it last night, I think your a hundred percent right. I'm going to start singing the "intimate family wedding" line. Thanks girls
Curly Miss Posts: 473
To be honest I would only be inviting work colleagues if I was particularly friendly with them and spent loads of time with them outside work, like meeting up for drinks etc. - otherwise a definite no. I want "real" friends at my wedding!
Wifey-Pooh Posts: 2125
At the time we got married I worked with a team of 4 in a very small company. None of them got invited. I never went out with them, wasn't friends with them (I work on the philosophy that I don't go to work to make friends), was pretty close to hating them anyway at that stage. I don't think it's right to feel that so-and-so SHOULD be invited cos they're managers at work. If you WANT them there, then invite them. On my wedding day, the last thing I wanted was to be reminded of work!
Tarad Posts: 198
Hi Wifey-pooh, I have much the same philosophy about work but am good friends with one perosn in particular and have invited her. Was working in an office with one other girl who had invited me and H2B to her wedding 5 years ago but I am having small numbers and have decided not to invite anyone else form work - she is on maternity leave right now and figure she'll be busy with the kids anyway. Was thiniking of inviting work people to evening but decided its all or nobody and am sticking with the 'nobody' right now.
Milly83 Posts: 3620
I am only inviting the people from work that I would socialise with. I get on with about 6 of them really well and I am not going to invite anyone else after that. Weddings are expensive enough without inviting people because you are "supposed to". I don't care what people think of that to be honest! The people you like most will be there and that's all that matters.